Limbsaver Sharpshooter X-Ring Rifle Barrel De-resonator

This special Rubber manufactured from NAVCOM tunes the 5 main ballistic waves that affect shot grouping according to the accompanying device literature

The author has tested it for several rifle loads in a Kimber Select grade .338 Winchester Magnum with a thin sporter barrel that was capable of MOA-accuracy. With the de-resonator placed an inch back from the muzzle, groups improved up to 30% depending on the bullet weight. For practical hunting within 400 to 600 yards the device is not necessary for hunting with my particular MOA Rifle and 185 grain Nosler AccuBond bullets. But would substantially improve long range bullets that group at 2 MOA which would otherwise limit the hunter 300 yards presupposing an ethical shot diameter of say 6 inches to say 1.5 MOA inches adding another 100 yards to a possible 400 yard kill range. If your gonna spend some big bucks on a Western Mule Deer or Elk Hunt I would sure have one of these in my pack.

You can spend several hundred for a new barrel to achieve that capability or play with your barrel bedding costing hundreds or simply put the de-resonator on your rifle and go shoot.  At a cost of 20 bucks it is an inexpensive fix and a great Christmas Stocking Stuffer. Good Shooting! Ed ©

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