Editorial -Problem and Solution to Gun Massacres

Access to all kinds of weapons have been part of our culture for centuries.

Why now? 

The Sandy Hook Tragedy is real. Children died and Teachers died, 26 in total. Parents and students across the country to some degree are still in shock. I understand that.

I am a parent of 2 boys and a grand parent to 7 grandchildren.

This is not a gun control issue.


The problem is a society issue. You know it and I know it.

Guns have been in America since 1620 when the Mayflower landed. Bad guys, criminals, killers and rapists have guns and the law is meaningless to them.

Today in America, divorce is rampant, children are baby sat by violent video games, TV shows that kill human zombies, often without a Mom or Dad to make sense of it. Children are raised by single parents placing the child’s mental development at risk. By exposing them to Hollywood violence and extremely violent video games at a time when they have not yet established right from wrong and good from bad.  Today dinner is not at the dinner table, it is in front of TV and Video and Fast Food. Families no longer verbally communicate together. They text in three word sentences. The center of our society is the family. Its foundations are crumbling.

The common thread I have found in my research was that the killer was often a school/college student male  with a High IQ and already known to be mentally ill.

Schools and society in general covered up mental issues for social misfits.

These students and young adults did not have a moral compass, lack of church, ten commandments,absent was a way  to teach children to Do Good in the world.

Here is my solution:

Federal and State Government should provide significant financial marriage tax incentives for a husband and wife to stay married.

More personal parental moral responsibility – Attend your Church or Synagogue with your Family

State and private schools need better mental health evaluations for children and a way to get help for them quickly.

Local Programs that encourage exercise and outdoor experiences, camping, hiking, fishing, and with a Parent, Hunting with the intent of eating what they killed. Just take a walk in the Woods and Discover with your kids.

Enforce Laws on the books.

State Governments should allow prayer in school, and strictly regulate and enforce a moral code as to what is seen on TV and Video Games with public participation

Federal Government should be reduced in size and scope.

Federal Government should pay down its debt so there is less financial stress on the Parents and Children and Grand Children of America.

We need less of Obama and Biden to reduce stress.






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