The Second Amendment is not for Deer Hunting!

A long time now retired deer hunter said to me a few weeks ago, as a result of Sandy Hook.

What do you need an Assault Rifle (AR) for? Continuing he said  “We no longer need that kind of firearm in today’s society.  You have your deer rifle, bolt action or single shot or 5 shot semi-auto. So quit it! That kind of rifle is not necessary, he emphatically stated.   It is strictly for military use he heatedly exclaimed! I said that the Second Amendment is not about deer hunting! I emphasized.

First, to correct everyone including me, the term AR does not stand for Assault Rifle, it stands for ArmaLite Rifle developed in the 1950’s. That is 60 years ago.

Secondly,civilian rifles are not Military Rifles, only the Military Rifle can be selected to shoot as a fully automatic rifle, a veritable battlefield machine gun if needed.  These are available to Police and Military personnel.

Today’s similar looking Rifle for general civilian use is not a machine gun, it shoots only when you pull the trigger. It is not an Assault Battlefield Rifle!

Just like the WW II semi-auto rifle M1 Garand used also in Korea. The Garand’s Semi-Automatic Action has been used by civilians for years for hunters,ranchers and the Civilian Marksmanship programs for 60 years and is no different exept for the larger clip

But if it has a large clip, it has the potential for mass killing. Right? Wrong! All guns can be made into mass killers by insane madmen! It is against the law to do this but it is done by criminals all the time.

Do you think a murderer with that kind of rifle is going to worry if the clip contains 30 rounds or 10 rounds? Do you think laws will restrict criminals from using such a large clip? If you do then I have a bridge to sell you!

The Second Amendment, our Forefathers foresaw,  gives citizens the right to be armed with the same weapons, as those who wish your family harm, can readily get. The Second Amendment is about preventing a tyrannic government from taking control as the British tried to do.  In 1775 it was the Brown Bess Flintlock a military rifle owned by citizens.  If the Criminal populations have access to large clip fed semi-auto non military rifles or more likely to have fully auto versions, then the Citizenry should too. Today our citizens are restricted to semi-automatic weapons as part of the Gun Control Act of 1968. 

Without a form of equal power to protect and defend your family and home and way of life from those who want to harm you, then the Second Amendment has no meaning.



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