CCI Best in Class for .22 Ammo and Primers

CCI image feb 2013My readers can tell you that the rifle, pistol and ammo industry is just boiling over and have a tough time keeping up with demand.

That said, A friend tipped me off on the “How To’s” of making rim-fire ammo for CCI Products that I love so much, I loved the Video!  If I had a choice for .22 ammo or primers, CCI wins hands down!

First lets take a look at CCI itself. Cascade Cartridges, Inc. is what is behind the CCI initials and that CCI is located in Lewiston, Idaho. A refreshing American Company!

I have always given my vote to CCI as best in Class for .22 ammo and Primers. Most all of my friends do as well. I have shot .22 ammo since I was 10 years old. Before my dad passed away he always kept a stock of .22 ammo, the CCI Stinger was his hot load for Chucks. Over time we learned that CCI Reliability and accuracy coupled with real punch was dominating our purchases. Today, my varmint round is between the CCI Stinger® and the new Velocitor®, and both work fine in my .22 semi-auto rifle. I have not shot the Signature .22 LR Mini-Mag which is a bit slower and less energy than the Velocitor’s  but the thousands of Alligators killed with the Mini-Mag don’t know that! Here is a utube Velocitor test using a pistol into 4 layers of terri cloth a chicken cadaver, and gallon jugs of water to capture the round. Speed – around 1100fps and energy is 107 ft lbs. This is what I expect from my .22 LR rifle at 100 yards because the rifle bullet speed is about 1400 fps due to the longer 20 inch barrel. Chicken Test by DOCTACDAD

The history of CCI is much like that of my visionary friends at Nosler, Inc where John Nosler (1913-2010) succeeded in creating a better big game bullet, John came up with the Nosler Partition®. In the case of CCI, Richard “Dick” Speer (1915-1994) followed his brother Vernon’s lead at Speer Bullets in the component industry  but instead of making bullets, he envisioned a need for quality primers and soon to follow “best in class” .22 ammo. His skill in the metal extrusion and manufacturing process is exceptional as the CCI Manufacture Process indicates. For an in depth history you can go the CCI History site and read more. The manufacturing process video is a must see.

The Categories of .22 ammo are classed at Varmint, Small Game, competition, Pest Control/ Specialty and of course primers which I use in reloading Rifle and Pistol ammo. CCI manufactures a full line of Primers for all firearm cartridges, I use them in reloading rifle cartridges such as my .375 Ruger, .338 Winchester Magnum, .270 Winchester, and .45ACP. check them out at 

Better yet go to video’s by CCI and you will be educated and entertained.

CCI dealers are found everywhere. Here in New Hampshire my closest dealer is three miles away at State Line Guns, Ammo and Archery

Go to your nearest friendly shooter supply and stock up on your CCI products Today!

Good Shooting! Good Hunting! Be Safe! Ed Hale







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