The Armalite AR 50A1B Caliber Single Shot Bolt Action



Well, we can’t talk about big bore rifles without talking about the Armalite single shot bolt-action AR 50A1B a newer model. It is just a very large version of the 30-06 Springfield developed back in 1910 WW I as an Anti- Aircraft round. The fact is that I have shot many big bore rifles but never shot a 50 BMG (Browning Machine Gun) round in testing or otherwise. Most folks that know me, know that I just love to shoot big rifles.  They are just great fun when you know the recoil has been tamed.  Energy delivered down range is massive, and can be shot with extreme accuracy at very long ranges. Note that there are lesser rounds that have achieved this range during the Civil War but not with this energy.  As a target shooter and one that believes fully in the Second Amendment it is valuable for all riflemen and women to have had the experience of shooting this legal firearm.

I have sent an email to Armalite to see if New Hampshire Rifleman can obtain one for testing and to share our findings with New Hampshire readers first hand.  If we can’t get one from Armalite we will see who has one locally that we can shoot.

The Armalite advertisement says they are moderate in recoil to shoot. At 34 pounds it should shoot like a pussycat.  Wow! It is only 4 to 6 bucks a round to shoot, not bad.  Most of those I observed shooting them on utube did not use a shoulder pad so it must push more than jolt the shooter, making it easier for women and younger folks to shoot.  There are several clubs in New Hampshire that allow it.  What are the spec’s on this rig you ask?

*Shown with optional Scope, Scope Mount, Mono-pod and Bi-pod

Model: AR-50A1
Caliber: .50 BMG
Barrel: 30″ Chrome moly, 8 Groove
Rifling Twist: RH 1:15″
Muzzle Device: Highly Efficient Multi-Flute Recoil Check, Very Moderate Felt Recoil. Threading: 1″-14
Upper Receiver: Modified Octagonal Form, Grilled & Slotted for Mil STD Scope Rail with Boss to Engage Cross-Slot on Receiver
Bolt: Triple Front Locking Lug
Ejector: Spring Loaded Plunger, Automatic Ejection
Extractor: Sako Type
Trigger: Schilen Standard Single Stage, Approximate 5 lbs Pull
Stock: 3 Section Stock: Extruded Forend, Machined Grip with Vertical Grip, Forged and Machined Removable Buttstock
Buttplate: Vertically Adjustable, Specially Built for Heavy Calibers
Overall Length: 58.5″ Without Buttstock: 49 3/4 inches
Weight: 34.1 LBS
Finish: Hard Anodized Aluminum, Manganese Phosphated Steel
Accuracy: 7″ – 8″ @ 1000 yds
Included with Rifle: 15 Minute Sight Base, Owners Manual, Ear Plugs, Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your Price New: $3,359.00  EA

Want to see it shoot in a utube video? Click Here

See Ammo in a utube video? Click Here

It is a rather large round to say the least. It is not for hunting! It is to shoot for skill and fun at long ranges. There are at least 2000 Match Rifle Shooters shooting this caliber in the USA and growing.

Seriously, If most law-abiding households had one of these, then people who want to take your gun rights away would think twice about coming for you, and change occupations abruptly.

Look for more on this topic. Ed


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