New Hampshire House Narrowly Passes Bill to take key Self-Defense Provisions Away

Thanks to the NRA/ILA Alert System I have been informed that New Hampshire HB 135 has passed the House and moves for a Senate vote. If this passes the Senate key provisions will be gutted that:

  1. Eliminates the provision that allows a person to use deadly force anywhere he or she has a legal right to be.  This limits an individual’s ability to defend themselves or a third party from assault to their own place of residence.
  2. Amends the definition of non-deadly force by removing the provision that specifies the act of producing or displaying a weapon is considered non-deadly force.  Thus, drawing or exhibiting your firearm to intimidate a perpetrator could be considered deadly force.
  3. Repeals the provision granting civil immunity for the use of force in certain circumstances.  The elimination of this provision removes legal protections for law-abiding citizens acting in self-defense.

By clicking on the HB 135 above you will see the NRA-ILA alert and how to Contact your New Hampshire Senator today. Don’t wait!

Where Oh Where has all the Ammo Gone?

American Citizens, men, women and families are in waiting lines to join a Shooting Club these days. Shooters are coming out of the woodwork like ants coming to the sugar smell of Jelly at a picnic.


Fear!  Fear of losing their ability to protect themselves and their families from federal politicians that are blind to the Constitution of the United States of America.  The Sandy Hook Tragedy has the Obama Administration exploiting the tragedy e.g., Never let a Crisis go to waste.  It is highly unfortunate that the President wishes instead to support the UN Gun Ban Treaty (The Senate has put that on the back burner for now.) The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association has an article you may read HERE.

The problem is we are in an Ammo crunch but we will get through it. There does not appear to be a sinister plot to buy all ammo. Yet! Though you’d think so! There is perhaps hoarding of ammo going on. I have seen orders that are due in May or June so take heart the ammo is coming. I am seeing restocking coming but beware of price gouging.

As an aside, at my club we had to limit the number of applications for membership to so many a month. This is repeating itself across the nation. Despite the ammo shortage there is a lot of shooting going on with semi-auto pistol and semi auto rifle in a variety of offshore calibers and with .223/5.56 ammo. More that I have seen in a long time, women are more frequent to the pistol range with husbands to use in self-defense. Schools and Shooting programs are cropping up everywhere to teach self-defense with guns so that law-abiding citizens can be authorized to carry.

It is the hunting ammo that is often still available such as 30-06, 257 Roberts, 243 Winchester and big bore 338 Win Mag, 375 calibers. What is slow coming in are 9mm,10mm/40 cal., .45 ACP Pistol, 22 ammo and the .223 for semi-auto rifles.

Even components for reloading are absent such as bullets and primers. Folks with time, I am confident that we will return closer to normal as long as the Federal Government pays attention to the Constitution and does not attempt to subjugate it.

As a follow-up check out The article on the

George Washington said:

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.

and also

The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference – they deserve a place of honor with all that’s good.




Falling in Love With The .243 Winchester Cartridge With Nosler Bullets

nosler custom .243 Winchester

The seemingly diminutive .243 Winchester Cartridge and it 6mm cartridge counterparts are set to create a resurgence for hunters if we are not already. Because when the .243 is coupled with well constructed bullets it is far from diminutive, it delivers clean one shot kills out to 300 yards for deer.

The .243 Winchester cartridge is a one rifle Coyote, Varmint and Deer Caliber all rolled into one that anyone can shoot with a bit of practice.


It makes a great youth cartridge and when coupled with Nosler ammo and say the Ruger American Rifle at less than 400 dollars.


This is just the ticket for someone, perhaps your grandson or granddaughter or even your wife to shoot their first deer. Or perhaps the Savage model 10 I tested that should provide a three-inch group at 600 yards or a 6 inch group at 1200 yards if the wind cooperates.

Check this Coyote taken at 1380 yards (click on 1380) with a Savage LRP and  .243 Winchester on a large farm with a 5 MPH wind. WOW!!!

Savage Model 10 Action, trigger and scope on bench

It’s recoil is very mild but can kill a deer past 300 yards when loaded with a 90 to 100 grain bullet which exits the muzzle of a 24 inch barrel at a whopping 2950 fps and delivers over 1650 ft-lbs at 100 yards.

The key to this caliber on deer is to choose a bullet that will retain its weight, mushroom or flair in such a way to deliver its energy within the game chosen. Nosler Bullets make a big difference. See a full line at as well as great articles about shooting, hunting and reloading!

The Nosler Partition  from 85 to 100 grains is terrific medicine, as is the Nosler AccuBond and the Nosler E-Tip both in 90 grains are state of the art. I have shot and tested many of these Nosler products on game using larger calibers and where I place the bullet in the boiler room the game fell to the shot. No blood trail to follow. Bam! The game fell dead right there. Bullets like these that stay together punch through game leaving a short blood trail to your trophy.

Federal Premium sells the 100 grain Nosler Partition in their Vital Shock brand for around $35 per box of 20 but at a cost of less than 2 bucks per shot on a deer hunt that box will last for more hunts as well. We all want a clean kill. Nosler Custom Ammo and Trophy Grade Custom Ammo is available for the .243 Winchester in all of their bullets. Yes you pay more but wow! You get more for that trophy deer hunt of a lifetime! The shooting done just recently with both the Ruger American and the Savage Model 10 are testament to the exacting standards and quality of this Cartridge in the Nosler Trophy Grade Custom Ammo with the 90 grain E-Tips.

If you hand load your own Ammo as I do, (it saves money in the long run) then you can choose a wider variety of bullets such as the Nosler ballistic tip which is less expensive to shoot but is one of the most accurate bullets in the world.  The ballistic tip  is not recommended for short-range deer hunting however, the AccuBond and E-Tip are very close in shape and Ballistic Coefficient to the Ballistic Tip so I often practice with Ballistic Tips and switch to the AccuBond or E-Tip when hunting. So you want to save even more money? Start hand loading! You will be surprised at how short  a time it takes to pay for a reloading press and shoot all of the Nosler Products for a fraction of retail and customize your ammo to your rifle and the game.See your local gun shop for RCBS reloading products like my friends at Plaistow NH State Line Guns or another great NH gun shop on the LINKS page and tell them NH Rifleman sent you.

Varmints with the Nosler is a blast, pardon the pun. Nosler has created bullets such as Varmageddon to kill varmints and predators like never before. Click on Varmageddon to see the video at the site! Or this new Varmageddon add

Using a 55 grain bullet on Coyotes or smaller varmints is a specialty of the .243 Winchester with Nosler Ammo and Bullets that exit the muzzle at 3900 fps and can cross a 400 yard field in just a fraction of a second and “lights out” instantaneously for a farm pest such as chucks and coyotes.  Good Hunting! ©2013


New Hampshire Rifleman Magazine is Growing


Thank You! Our readership is growing steadily and just the recent visits to our site for the Savage Model 10 article shows it with hundreds of visits in a single day. My web site is an open door and my email is available (Contact Us)  for you to tell me what you want to see in the way of hunting New Hampshire or what ever is on your mind as sportsmen and women, not just on rifles but on shooting anything. The sky is the limit! Many thanks to assist me in opening goes to Ovide Lamontagne for the first deer article. What a buck!

And for the assistance from State Line Guns Ammo and Archery for being my FFL. Please shop there and tell them I sent you!

Thank you to My friends at Ruger, Savage Arms, Leupold, Nikon, Nosler and RCBS. These products are the finest and value priced for sportsmen and women. If you go to “Links” in the header above you can visit these sites and where to purchase these locally.

First and foremost we are hunters and shooters that believe in the Constitution of this great land. Thank you!

Ed Hale

Savage Model 10/110 Predator Max 1 in .243 Winchester – With Editors Note

The Savage Model 10 in .243 Winchester arrived 2 days ago and it arrived in a Left Hand model. So now you know it comes also in a Left Hand version.

Savage Model 10 Action, trigger and scope best image on bench

Here it is with a Nikon 3-9×40 Coyote Special in Brush Camo with Bullet Drop Compensator BDC that I just mounted on top. Looks awesome doesn’t it but can it perform?

Description:  Model 10/110 Predator Hunter Max 1 

Calibers: 204 up to 6.5

Left-hand model new for 2012 
Rate of Twist:               12 
Weight:                          8.5 lbs 
Overall Length:            44″ 
Fluted Barrel Length:  24″ 
Ammo Capacity:  4 round(s) Clip


Waiting quietly was another new box of Trophy Grade Custom Nosler .243 Winchester Ammo with 90 grain E-Tips to test from my friends at Nosler. Hunters, do not let the E-Tip name fool you, this is one of the finest bullets on the planet. It stays together flairs into deadly razor sharp petals that act like a buzz saw  and loses almost no weight, but more than that, it sports a surface of guilding metal copper so it won’t gum up your barrel with copper deposits like some other brands… and I hate scrubbing copper out.

Yesterday near dusk it was raining lightly, all was quiet at my range and the wind was cooperating. I ran a swab through the barrel as I always do.  It took me two shots, one to to get it on paper at 25 yards and the second shot to get it somewhere near the bullseye. Below is my 25 yard target and the BDC reticle. I did manage to get them closer together than this, as I was fussing with my Nikon D60 Digital Camera that took this dizzying photo.


Nikon Coyote Special 3-9 x40mm Reticle view

Having done the 25 yards so well, I moved quickly in the slushy snow to get my target out to 100 yards and shoot this bad boy. Lets see what it can do with Nosler Ammo right out of the box!

The Trigger otherwise known as AccuTrigger according to my Lyman Electronic Trigger scale indicated that it was set at the factory for 2 lbs 2 oz. Click on the AccuTrigger above to learn more about its safety features.

Savage Model 10 Trigger

Long before I feel the trigger itself, I am aware that I am touching the blade that sticks out of the trigger. The blade is on a spring and allows me to squeeze toward the trigger. In just a 2 pound 2 oz squeeze the bullet is on its way. Recoil of this rifle is negligible as it has a significant recoil pad and weighs in at 8.5 pounds.

I shot two groups as you can see. Group 1 was about 3/4 inch for three shots   maybe a bit less but hey a sub-MOA group on the first pass. I was having some difficulty at first holding the circle dead on a square and looking to keep the vertical and horizontal lines in perspective for a perfect shot.Savage Model 10 100 yd target


So I tried for a second group thinking this rifle should maybe perform a bit better. I was astounded at second three shot group above, coming in at 1/2 inch at 100 yards. Below is the rifle close-up with the fluted barrel.

Savage Model 10 Action, trigger and scope on bench Savage Model 10 Action, trigger and scope

The ammo clip below is metal and the spring and latch that hold it in place are significantly strong.


Savage Model 10 Clip Installed Savage Model 10 Clip


Intial rating on a scale of 1 to 10 it rates a 10 for all around use by a muscular adult hunter.  For its use by youth and women hunters carrying rifles in the field, I rate it a 6 mostly because of weight. In a stand with a set of shooting sticks or brace on the fore end and it goes back to a 10 rating for any shooter. More tests are planned. © 2013

Editors Note- Twist rates for .243 are best if 1 in 10 twist or faster for deer size game. E.g. 1 in 8 twist stabilizes bullets better at 100 grain heads or heavier. The 1-10 twist limits shooters to approx 90 grains otherwise heavier bullets will not stabilize and will key hole in your target.  The .243 is a real bean field deer killer with modern day bullets that are bonded or gilding copper yet allow you to predator hunt too. A 55 grain head can come out of your barrel at 3700 fps and tip a coyote over at 300 yards too. Max range for deer is around 300 yards too with a 90 grain bullet. It is not a round to shoot in the thick stuff up north. The bullet does not have sufficient mass to hit a twig and keep its path.

Why Reload your own Rifle Cartridges?

If you shoot more than 20 rounds every other week of big game Rifle calibers and you want to maximize your accuracy and tailor the cartridge to the game or target you are shooting, then you are a great candidate to consider reloading your own ammunition, shotgun too. Pistol shooters often reload and save money too. Even better if you own the casing, powder, bullet and primer  in your shooting closet then you will always have ammo that you can shoot and when the store shelves are bare, you can still reload. You just have to invest in the components ahead of time.

If you don’t enjoy tinkering, don’t have the time,  or perhaps you are not mechanically inclined, then this article may not be for you.

For those who are inclined to tinker and like the hands on approach and have some time to reload…read on. Below is my Reloading Bench with an RCBS Rock Chucker single stage press. I have this one and love it still after 30 years.

reloading table

A hand-loaded metallic rifle round when fitted to near or at the rifling in your rifle, and where several powders and loads are tested with different bullet heads and manufacturers does increase accuracy to tighten groups. Sometimes dramatically.  Sometimes not. Even changing the primer brand or even shooting primers made just for bench rest shooting can improve accuracy particularly when you have a good barrel that is bedded correctly.

But for general purpose hunting within 300 yards a 2 inch three shot benchrest group at 100 yards will suffice for cleanly killing game at distances out to three hundred yards with a 6 inch core kill zone.  So grandfather’s rifle that shoots the 2 inch groups at 100 yards is terrific for hunting. Heirlooms are great because they connect you to a family member like the article on Ovide’s Buck a while back.

For many, we have just purchased a new or used rifle and we want to shoot great groups. Commercial ammo is great but sometimes your rifle may not like this diet and shoot groups poorly. Changing brands will often help. Reloading is likely to help a lot more.

So why do I go to great pains to shoot Minute of Angle groups of one inch or better at 100 yards off the bench with 20 or 30 caliber rifle and ammo like the .270 Winchester or the 30-06 Springfield? I am just a stickler for shooting tight groups and won’t accept less.

Manufacturing processes that create rifles today allow a rifle to shoot a three shot, one inch group at minimum for deer size game with one or two loads at least at 100 yards.  We call this One Minute of Angle or MOA accurate. A new rifle needs breaking in, in many cases where there was no upfront guarantee of accuracy. Shoot 5 rounds and clean the barrel and repeat for 20 rounds. You may need to shoot an additional 20 rounds in this manner to see tightening. I use this process on occasion when initial groups are regularly more than 1 inch. Twist rate can greatly affect spread of heavier rounds and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. Some rifles shoot lighter bullets very well and heavier bullets not so well. In my Ruger M77 .375 Ruger all my bullets are heavy but they also shoot amazingly well for a Safari Rifle. Hand-loaded I can load down for small game or up for Cape Buffalo and with sub-MOA accuracy.

Commercial cartridge must fit all the rifles on the market, thus they adopt a standard so it fits all rifles. But your rifle is almost like a fingerprint, each rifle even of the same make and caliber can shoot differently in seemingly minor ways but if you are shooting long-range or for extremely tight groups then reloading is way to accurize your rifle once you have, like I said, a good barrel and bedded properly.

The combinations of load and bullets are so numerous that I would have to write a book to explain it. There are several reloading manuals and accuracy book already on the market and say pretty much what I have said in great detail. But for those like me who like to tinker with loads and bedding, powders and such, get energized and challenged to take a rifle that shoots ok, and make it shoot outstanding. It is just in my nature and gives me great joy.

The components of a metallic cartridge are simple. The brass case, primer, powder and bullet are the basic components but you need a reloading press to put them together. The Rockchucker Master Reloading kit from RCBS is a perfect starter kit shown on this utube video. This kit is so good that you may never need another kit or press unless you shoot high volume say 100 rounds a week or more.  I used it for loads on all my African game animals and my sons African Game animals, a 900 pound Bison and 800 pound Moose and every deer except my very first deer at the age of 16. The satisfaction for me is ultra personal like building your own cedar arrows with feathers from the Turkey you harvested in a previous year. Done that! It is the same feeling with creating your very own Cartridge.

The rifle reloading process using RCBS? Go here.

You need the press first. You do not need the mechanical deburring gee whiz   mechanized stuff. I like the manual process with hand-held tools. There are many manuals besides the Speer manual, such as Nosler, Hornady, Sierra and more. Another utube video for .45 ACP pistol Go here.

I hope this is helpful to you. You can go my header at the beginning and click on Reloading and now click on a manufacturer such as RCBS for prices of equipment to get you started. I recommend both the Nosler or Hornady reloading manuals. The new Hornady manual is terrific. © 2013 Ed





Arguably – .22 Long Rifle Ammo and Arms are Vital

Velocitor Ammo

American’s are in training today for survival and self-defense like never before. To defend yourself you need a firearm and equally important–you need ammunition!  A gun with no bullets is just a hunk of metal. A hunk of metal won’t get you far if there is a bad  guy wanting to hurt your family.  But many shooters blew it! We did not purchase enough and now the shelves are bare in virtually every store in the nation.  Enter the .22 LR pistol and rifle in a whole new light. If a .22 cartridge could talk, it would say; “Do you miss me now!”

The diminutive, underrated, .22 Long Rifle bullet is a giant in survival settings and has little recoil, my wife can shoot it, children can shoot it and it is great fun for small game hunting and for training and  can be used in a self-defense situation and survival. Most  importantly you can purchase a 500 round brick of 22 LR for around 20 dollars.  For just 40 bucks you can have enough ammo to last a year of family plinking or for survival and defense.  Some say the .22 is not a self defense round. It is certainly not ideal but recent manufacture over the past 15 years has produced significant potency of this seemingly small cartridge. I believe another look will have you adding more 22LR ammo to your gun safe –when it becomes available again. I do have plenty of .22 LR Ammo so my friends come knockin’ at my door. Got any .22 LR ammo? I hope the lesson is not lost…


The Ruger American Rifle – Out of the Box

ruger american bench rested

On February 26, 2013 I received a new Ruger American Rifle from Ruger to test and evaluate. Needless to say if you are an on-line hunting and shooting junkie, there are already evaluations of this rifle out there.  Here at NH Rifleman if a product has area’s to improve upon we will tell you so.

Before I began testing Rifles nearly 10 years ago I came to the conclusion that the best shooting rifles must have a superior bedding system, whether free floating or the fore-stock is pressured against the barrel to prevent oscillation, that can add costs. The barrel should be capable of MOA accuracy most all the time and when custom hand-loaded with certain bullets, the shooter could achieve sub-MOA accuracy as wel, that can add costs.  In addition I felt that “best in class” rifles had adjustable triggers and that can add costs.  I personally like 3 pounds for a hunting trigger in a rifle that is capable of long range accuracy.  Finally, the recoil pad should be significant to absorb as much recoil as possible no matter what caliber, and that can add costs. Weight of the rifle should be commensurate with the round. e.g. 7 plus pounds for a 308 or 30-06 and a bit lighter for a round such as the 243 Winchester for ease of carry in the field and shaving weight from a rifle can take more machining time adding costs. This rifle is under $400 dollars by some retailers my hunting friends. This rifle is in the budget of any main stream working American from sea to shining sea. I believe this rifle is the price it is because that is where the market is for starters. Secondly, this is a “Design for Manufacture” rifle via the stock, the bolt, the barrel by engineers and designers who are hunters. Every element of this rifle was designed for both quality and speed of manufacture, keeping costs way down.  What we intend to share with readers is the question. Should I purchase this rifle?

The Ruger American is 100% American made rifle with a black polymer synthetic stock. It weighs in at 6.25 pounds. The Ruger American utilizes “Power Bedding ™: an integral bedding block system that positively locates the receiver and free floats the chrome-moly hammer forged barrel, essential for outstanding accuracy.  The barrel is 22 inches, a great all around hunting rifle length for fast handling and optimum bullet speed.

Out of the box, the bolt worked smoothly and fast.

ruger american bolt

The new three lug 70 degree full body bolt design is innovative in its simplicity. The bolt provides ample scope clearance and utilizes dual cocking cams for smooth cycling. The Ruger literature offers that it cycles easily from the shoulder. Today I shot 3 rounds as fast as a deer hunter would care to cycle the bolt and get back on target. It was flawless. I sighted it in on paper with three shots then went for my first three shot 100 yard group out of the box with the .243 Winchester achieving an astounding sub-moa 3/4 in group in a snow/rain shower at 100 yards. Wow! Right out of the box!

The rifle comes with a Ruger Marksman Adjustable™ Trigger that can be adjusted from 3 to 5 pounds. Testing with my Lyman Digital Pull Gauge, the trigger weighs in at 4 lbs. 4 oz. and is very crisp. I like it!

ruger american trigger


This rifle has a 4 round synthetic rotary magazine that fits flush with the stock.

ruger american clip

ruger american clip inside

Literature suggests that the magazine offers the smooth feed that has become the hallmark of Ruger® rotary magazines.

The rifle comes with a dovetail scope mounting base. I installed a set of metallic colored Weaver rings and placed a brand new Leupold VX-1 in 3-9 x 40mm with Long Range Duplex Reticle we are also testing.

To add to the Ruger/ Leupold combo we are shooting Trophy Grade Nosler Custom® 90 grain E-Tip® Lead Free .243 Winchester rounds made by Nosler’s Custom shop.

nosler custom .243 Winchester


Believe me my expectations were high, and I was not disappointed.


ruger american target first group feb 27 2013


 If you wish to purchase this Ruger American firearm, you may go to the “Links” in the article header and see the Local New Hampshire retailers where you can get one for yourself or for a first time hunter. The .243 Winchester is a great deer and varmint rifle for a novice or expert as recoil is minimal. An overall rating for use by young hunters, new hunters, old hunters,ease of carrying in the field and for the price? On a scale of 1 to 10. It gets a solid 10 as Ruger hit this one out of the park.  © 2013

Spec’s From the Ruger Website 



  Catalog Number: AMERICAN | Model Number: 6904 | Caliber: 243 Win

Stock: Black Composite Capacity: 4
Material: Alloy Steel Finish: Matte Black
Barrel Length: 22.00″ Overall Length: 42.00″
Sights: None-Bases Supplied Weight: 6.25 lbs.
Twist: 1:9″ RH Grooves: 6
Length of Pull: 13.75″ Suggested Retail: $449.00


Copyright © 2013 by Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.