Arguably – .22 Long Rifle Ammo and Arms are Vital

Velocitor Ammo

American’s are in training today for survival and self-defense like never before. To defend yourself you need a firearm and equally important–you need ammunition!  A gun with no bullets is just a hunk of metal. A hunk of metal won’t get you far if there is a bad  guy wanting to hurt your family.  But many shooters blew it! We did not purchase enough and now the shelves are bare in virtually every store in the nation.  Enter the .22 LR pistol and rifle in a whole new light. If a .22 cartridge could talk, it would say; “Do you miss me now!”

The diminutive, underrated, .22 Long Rifle bullet is a giant in survival settings and has little recoil, my wife can shoot it, children can shoot it and it is great fun for small game hunting and for training and  can be used in a self-defense situation and survival. Most  importantly you can purchase a 500 round brick of 22 LR for around 20 dollars.  For just 40 bucks you can have enough ammo to last a year of family plinking or for survival and defense.  Some say the .22 is not a self defense round. It is certainly not ideal but recent manufacture over the past 15 years has produced significant potency of this seemingly small cartridge. I believe another look will have you adding more 22LR ammo to your gun safe –when it becomes available again. I do have plenty of .22 LR Ammo so my friends come knockin’ at my door. Got any .22 LR ammo? I hope the lesson is not lost…


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I am an avid hunter with rifle and Bow and have been hunting for more than 50 years. I have taken big game such as whitetail deer, red deer, elk, Moose and African Plains game
such as Kudu, Gemsbok, Springbok, Blesbok, and Impala and wrote an ebook entitled African Safari -Rifle and Bow and Arrow on how to prepare for a first safari. Ed is a serious cartridge reloader and ballistics student. He has earned two degrees in science and has written hundreds of outdoor article on hunting with both bow and rifle.