Savage Model 10/110 Predator Max 1 in .243 Winchester – With Editors Note

The Savage Model 10 in .243 Winchester arrived 2 days ago and it arrived in a Left Hand model. So now you know it comes also in a Left Hand version.

Savage Model 10 Action, trigger and scope best image on bench

Here it is with a Nikon 3-9×40 Coyote Special in Brush Camo with Bullet Drop Compensator BDC that I just mounted on top. Looks awesome doesn’t it but can it perform?

Description:  Model 10/110 Predator Hunter Max 1 

Calibers: 204 up to 6.5

Left-hand model new for 2012 
Rate of Twist:               12 
Weight:                          8.5 lbs 
Overall Length:            44″ 
Fluted Barrel Length:  24″ 
Ammo Capacity:  4 round(s) Clip


Waiting quietly was another new box of Trophy Grade Custom Nosler .243 Winchester Ammo with 90 grain E-Tips to test from my friends at Nosler. Hunters, do not let the E-Tip name fool you, this is one of the finest bullets on the planet. It stays together flairs into deadly razor sharp petals that act like a buzz saw  and loses almost no weight, but more than that, it sports a surface of guilding metal copper so it won’t gum up your barrel with copper deposits like some other brands… and I hate scrubbing copper out.

Yesterday near dusk it was raining lightly, all was quiet at my range and the wind was cooperating. I ran a swab through the barrel as I always do.  It took me two shots, one to to get it on paper at 25 yards and the second shot to get it somewhere near the bullseye. Below is my 25 yard target and the BDC reticle. I did manage to get them closer together than this, as I was fussing with my Nikon D60 Digital Camera that took this dizzying photo.


Nikon Coyote Special 3-9 x40mm Reticle view

Having done the 25 yards so well, I moved quickly in the slushy snow to get my target out to 100 yards and shoot this bad boy. Lets see what it can do with Nosler Ammo right out of the box!

The Trigger otherwise known as AccuTrigger according to my Lyman Electronic Trigger scale indicated that it was set at the factory for 2 lbs 2 oz. Click on the AccuTrigger above to learn more about its safety features.

Savage Model 10 Trigger

Long before I feel the trigger itself, I am aware that I am touching the blade that sticks out of the trigger. The blade is on a spring and allows me to squeeze toward the trigger. In just a 2 pound 2 oz squeeze the bullet is on its way. Recoil of this rifle is negligible as it has a significant recoil pad and weighs in at 8.5 pounds.

I shot two groups as you can see. Group 1 was about 3/4 inch for three shots   maybe a bit less but hey a sub-MOA group on the first pass. I was having some difficulty at first holding the circle dead on a square and looking to keep the vertical and horizontal lines in perspective for a perfect shot.Savage Model 10 100 yd target


So I tried for a second group thinking this rifle should maybe perform a bit better. I was astounded at second three shot group above, coming in at 1/2 inch at 100 yards. Below is the rifle close-up with the fluted barrel.

Savage Model 10 Action, trigger and scope on bench Savage Model 10 Action, trigger and scope

The ammo clip below is metal and the spring and latch that hold it in place are significantly strong.


Savage Model 10 Clip Installed Savage Model 10 Clip


Intial rating on a scale of 1 to 10 it rates a 10 for all around use by a muscular adult hunter.  For its use by youth and women hunters carrying rifles in the field, I rate it a 6 mostly because of weight. In a stand with a set of shooting sticks or brace on the fore end and it goes back to a 10 rating for any shooter. More tests are planned. © 2013

Editors Note- Twist rates for .243 are best if 1 in 10 twist or faster for deer size game. E.g. 1 in 8 twist stabilizes bullets better at 100 grain heads or heavier. The 1-10 twist limits shooters to approx 90 grains otherwise heavier bullets will not stabilize and will key hole in your target.  The .243 is a real bean field deer killer with modern day bullets that are bonded or gilding copper yet allow you to predator hunt too. A 55 grain head can come out of your barrel at 3700 fps and tip a coyote over at 300 yards too. Max range for deer is around 300 yards too with a 90 grain bullet. It is not a round to shoot in the thick stuff up north. The bullet does not have sufficient mass to hit a twig and keep its path.

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