Falling in Love With The .243 Winchester Cartridge With Nosler Bullets

nosler custom .243 Winchester

The seemingly diminutive .243 Winchester Cartridge and it 6mm cartridge counterparts are set to create a resurgence for hunters if we are not already. Because when the .243 is coupled with well constructed bullets it is far from diminutive, it delivers clean one shot kills out to 300 yards for deer.

The .243 Winchester cartridge is a one rifle Coyote, Varmint and Deer Caliber all rolled into one that anyone can shoot with a bit of practice.


It makes a great youth cartridge and when coupled with Nosler ammo and say the Ruger American Rifle at less than 400 dollars.


This is just the ticket for someone, perhaps your grandson or granddaughter or even your wife to shoot their first deer. Or perhaps the Savage model 10 I tested that should provide a three-inch group at 600 yards or a 6 inch group at 1200 yards if the wind cooperates.

Check this Coyote taken at 1380 yards (click on 1380) with a Savage LRP and  .243 Winchester on a large farm with a 5 MPH wind. WOW!!!

Savage Model 10 Action, trigger and scope on bench

It’s recoil is very mild but can kill a deer past 300 yards when loaded with a 90 to 100 grain bullet which exits the muzzle of a 24 inch barrel at a whopping 2950 fps and delivers over 1650 ft-lbs at 100 yards.

The key to this caliber on deer is to choose a bullet that will retain its weight, mushroom or flair in such a way to deliver its energy within the game chosen. Nosler Bullets make a big difference. See a full line at Nosler.com as well as great articles about shooting, hunting and reloading!

The Nosler Partition  from 85 to 100 grains is terrific medicine, as is the Nosler AccuBond and the Nosler E-Tip both in 90 grains are state of the art. I have shot and tested many of these Nosler products on game using larger calibers and where I place the bullet in the boiler room the game fell to the shot. No blood trail to follow. Bam! The game fell dead right there. Bullets like these that stay together punch through game leaving a short blood trail to your trophy.

Federal Premium sells the 100 grain Nosler Partition in their Vital Shock brand for around $35 per box of 20 but at a cost of less than 2 bucks per shot on a deer hunt that box will last for more hunts as well. We all want a clean kill. Nosler Custom Ammo and Trophy Grade Custom Ammo is available for the .243 Winchester in all of their bullets. Yes you pay more but wow! You get more for that trophy deer hunt of a lifetime! The shooting done just recently with both the Ruger American and the Savage Model 10 are testament to the exacting standards and quality of this Cartridge in the Nosler Trophy Grade Custom Ammo with the 90 grain E-Tips.

If you hand load your own Ammo as I do, (it saves money in the long run) then you can choose a wider variety of bullets such as the Nosler ballistic tip which is less expensive to shoot but is one of the most accurate bullets in the world.  The ballistic tip  is not recommended for short-range deer hunting however, the AccuBond and E-Tip are very close in shape and Ballistic Coefficient to the Ballistic Tip so I often practice with Ballistic Tips and switch to the AccuBond or E-Tip when hunting. So you want to save even more money? Start hand loading! You will be surprised at how short  a time it takes to pay for a reloading press and shoot all of the Nosler Products for a fraction of retail and customize your ammo to your rifle and the game.See your local gun shop for RCBS reloading products like my friends at Plaistow NH State Line Guns or another great NH gun shop on the LINKS page and tell them NH Rifleman sent you.

Varmints with the Nosler is a blast, pardon the pun. Nosler has created bullets such as Varmageddon to kill varmints and predators like never before. Click on Varmageddon to see the video at the site! Or this new Varmageddon add

Using a 55 grain bullet on Coyotes or smaller varmints is a specialty of the .243 Winchester with Nosler Ammo and Bullets that exit the muzzle at 3900 fps and can cross a 400 yard field in just a fraction of a second and “lights out” instantaneously for a farm pest such as chucks and coyotes.  Good Hunting! ©2013


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