T/C Dimension Rifle in .243 Winchester Arrives at State Line Guns

tc dimension

This rifle was debuted at the 2012 Shot show with a lot of flash!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg4GEfdx0N4

It is a stylish rifle with overtones of some European Designs.  The fact that you can switch barrels on this rifle from a .204 Ruger up to a .300 WIn Mag makes this rifle very special indeed.


Look for an “Out of the Box” report on this rifle soon and check out my friends at State Line Guns Ammo and Archery In Plaistow, NH that are my FFL dealer friends for this Rifle.


Should New Hampshire Rifleman push for a 1000 Yard Rifle Range?

Yes is the answer! My interest in 1000 yard/meter ranges is to broaden the long-range skills of New Hampshire Rifleman by making this range accessible to the public via sportsmen. The nearest 1000 meter/yard Rifle Ranges are in New York State and Pennsylvania. Today’s rifle manufacturing technology has improved barrel and stock quality technology to such a degree that many new rifles today are capable of off the shelf sub-minute-of Angle groups. That being said a rifle that shoots a 1/2 inch group at 100 yards can group 5 inches at 1000 yards. My Ruger rifle is capable of 1/2 inch groups, the Savage Model 110 I am testing is capable of 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards as are many other rifles today. My sons, Savage Model 110 in .308 can shoot 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards consecutively off a bench rest.  But we will never realize the proven capability of these rifles, and the many bullets and ballistic profiles/coefficients, scopes and rangfinders unless New Hampshire shooters go out of state or pay a private company to shoot on their property.

It is sportsmen and their children that provide the early life marksmen skills that cleanly kill deer, turkey, bear, moose, ducks geese for the dining table such as those animals brought to the table by World War I hero Sergeant Alvin C. York. As a hunter his skills were honed out of a necessity to feed the family.

It later came in handy when he was drafted into WW I. It was the hunters skills and those of 1775 Minute Men Militia’s that saved America in all of the Wars undertaken by the USA since its birth. A place to practice is needed!!

Pemi- Valley Tried to get 1000 yard range approved.

The folks at Pemi-Valley tried to get a 1000 yard range approved and it fell short in town a few years back. I think a renewed effort should get underway with the support of organizations such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Rifle Association. Further that NH Clubs should consider financially supporting such an endeavor for both sportsmen and shooters and to exercise our ability under the Second Amendment to Keep and Bear Arms. What good is keeping a bearing arms if you can only shoot/practice at 100 yards or so?

Why have a 1000 range is like asking why have a 300 or 600 yard range?  A 1000 yard range offers an ability to provide long-range skills to shooters, hunters and marksmen. Ballistics and ranging skills among New Hampshire shooters and hunters is lacking, I suggest due to insufficient long-range public facilities.

I believe that Pemi-Valley has the best chance to get a 1000 meter/yard range approved.

What stands in the way? Those that think guns are bad stand in the way.  Do you really want to let them win that argument?  In 2012 Rick Olson Jr. wrote an article

The Anti-Gun Cadre Levels Its Sights On Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club

Here is the link to that article: http://granitegrok.com/blog/2012/02/the-anti-gun-cadre-levels-its-sights-on-pemigewasset-valley-fish-game-club

I have emailed a few folks that were working on the Range but it is still in Limbo.

Shooting sports are undergoing great resurgence. Lets get this or another 1000 range built and staff it with trained Range Officers and Skilled Shooters.

Talk it up Folks or let the Left take over your God given rights! I will talk with Pemi- Valley and report back.


Chester NH Rod and Gun Members soon to begin Action Shooting

Chester Rod and Gun members have been training this winter using Airsoft Pistols and International Defensive Pistol Association rules that I recently wrote about.

I think Airsoft training is a must!!

In the coming weeks we move to the real thing and shoot with real pistols and real bullets where we are timed in our ability to safely shoot at targets that simulate a home defense situation. This is, for me, a very welcome progression in my ability to protect my family as a staunch proponent of the Second Amendment and out right to keep and bear arms.

The key here is safety and we have excellent Range Safety Officers that are qualified to lead us in this endeavor. Their job is largely Safety and Pistol Handling under “very strict rules”.

This past week we were tested on the IDPA rules and have passed to the next phase. Shooting! Even if I did not progress further than several weekly shoots. I believe the effort is important for all those that seek some serious home defense training and great fun along the way.

Ammunition is the key to this Action Shooting and favors those that can afford the Ammo, can get Ammo or reload your own ammo. Weekly shoots will consume at between 50 to 100 rounds or more of 9mm,10mm 40 cal, 45ACP. It is anticipated to include .22 pistols of approved types if ammunition remains in short supply.

This coming weekend members qualify for their Action Badge by shooting a cardboard silhouette target from 30 feet and must strike it with 7 out of 10 rounds fired. No timing will take place. This is to assure that those that wish to participate can keep bullets within the confines of the target area safely. I will be shooting my Kimber 45 ACP and my very reliable and accurate reloads. We shall see how good I shoot them!

Here are some shoots to view from You Tube. Great fun too!!




Senator Ayotte; S 649 (Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013)


Send a thank you to Senator Ayotte for her recent votes against S. 649’s attack on the Second Amendment, guns and magazines and instead focuses on the real issues of Mental Health and Substance Abuse. See her voting record here; http://www.ayotte.senate.gov/voting_record/

I have searched the web for info on her position on the NRA School Shield Program and have yet to find any. If you have not seen Asa Hutchinson on this program go here. http://www.nraschoolshield.com/


New Hampshire: Shurtleff Criminal Protection Bill Scheduled for Senate Committee Hearing in Concord on Tuesday


NRA-ILA Alerts – Go to NRA.org for more info. Call and email your NH Judiciary Committee Below. Do it Now!!

Here is the New Hampshire NRA-ILA ALERT

On Tuesday, April 23, the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to hear House Bill 135. Introduced by state Representative Stephen Shurtleff (D- Merrimack 11), HB 135 will render law-abiding citizens defenseless victims by removing consequences for criminal activity. The New Hampshire House of Representatives already undermined your inherent right to self-defense by passing the Shurtleff Criminal Protection Bill by a 189-184 vote on March 27.

HB 135 would repeal important self-defense provisions enacted in 2011, making the following changes to New Hampshire’s current self-defense laws:

  1. Eliminates the provision that allows a person to use deadly force anywhere he or she has a legal right to be. This limits an individual’s ability to defend themselves or a third party from assault to their own place of residence.
  2. Amends the definition of non-deadly force by removing the provision that specifies the act of producing or displaying a weapon is considered non-deadly force. Thus, drawing or exhibiting your firearm to intimidate a perpetrator could be considered deadly force.
  3. Repeals the provision granting civil immunity for the use of force in certain circumstances. The elimination of this provision removes legal protections for law-abiding citizens acting in self-defense.

Given the alarming passage of this legislation in the state House, it is critical that you contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee TODAY and let them know that HB 135 is a big step in the wrong direction for New Hampshire, and will put you and your loved ones at risk. Ask committee members whether they plan to vote for the rights of law-abiding citizens or criminals.

Senate Judiciary Committee:

Senator Sharon Carson, Chairman (R-14)

Senator Bette Lasky, Vice Chairman (D-13)

Senator David Boutin (R-16)

Senator Sam Cataldo (R-6)

Senator Donna Soucy (D-18)


IDPA – Great Shooting Fun and Training with Airsoft Pistols prior to an IDPA event

The International Defensive Pistol Association Competition is here in New Hampshire. So what is all the hubbub about? Well, speaking for myself, I have owned a pistol, rifle and shotgun most of my life and took them to the local range to increase my shooting skills for hunting, shooting for fun, and for self-defense. The problem was that there were few clubs that had the know-how to help me build self-defense shooting skills and have fun doing it.

Enter IDPA!

From Wikipedia:

“The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA), founded in 1996, is an organization based in Berryville, ArkansasUSA that has created a shooting sport based on defensive pistol techniques, using equipment including full-charge service ammunition to solve simulated “real world” self-defense scenarios. Shooters competing in defensive pistol events are required to use practical handguns and holsters that are deemed suitable for self-defense use.

How Cool is that!

This winter my nephew invited me to shoot one of his Airsoft Pistols indoors in training for live fire IDPA competition this spring. I am having a blast!! Pun Intended!

I have been practicing for IDPA Competition using Airsoft pistols that shoot plastic BB’s in the same scenario’s that you may find yourself in trying to defend yourself and family against intruders. Safety is paramount! Training and practice are necessary to build these home defense skill sets and all the while having great fun shooting your pistols at stationary and moving targets. A YouTube Airsoft primer is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7urnK5LTQQ

Range Commands are necessary for control of the shooting sequence and are initiated by  NRA qualified Range Safety Officers(RSO). As an example: Shooter to the Line Command -The shooter walks up to the Line with the Range Safety Officer. The RSO says;

LOAD AND MAKE READY -The shooter loads his/her firearm, racks the slide or closes the cylinder, applies the safety or decocks then holsters the firearm.

COURSE OF FIRE – Course of fire is explained to the shooter and how many shots to take.

So you can see that you must be able to follow instructions and Commands in order to participate whether in Airsoft or real live fire. Again Safety is Paramount.

In this type of training the shooter will be placed in situations where the bad guys don’t shoot back but you must demonstrate the use of cover such as a wall or barrier. Use prescribed techniques for drawing your firearm, extending it, keeping your finger out of the trigger guard until ready to shoot. There is a lot to this!! But you will learn confidence over time and speed comes with practice. I am a novice at it and have yet to compete but I am having great fun with friends doing the Airsoft training. Bring the wife and Teens too. Better than the TV for sure!

IDPA shoot Video’s – http://www.ccidpa.org/videos/ccidpa-demo.html

SHOOTER READY? More on this great shooting Fun is coming!!! Ed

Ammunition Returns in Dribs and Drabs

Spring is here, its time to go to the range but the ammunition is still not readily available. Ammunition is returning in dribs and drabs. Most obviously absent yet still is High Velocity 22 LR ammo and no one had any at all. I did find Riley’s in Hooksett with some primers and new bullet heads for reloading. Remain on the lookout my shooting friends, I expect ammo is coming soon.

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte Votes against 2nd Amendment Filibuster

Senator Ayotte’s action’s are not in keeping with New Hampshire’s Motto. Live Free or Die!  She is thus far supporting S 649 -Safe Schools Act of 2013 which would criminalize the private transfer of firearms by law-abiding citizens, requiring friends, neighbors and many family members to get government permission to exercise a fundamental right or face prosecution.   It is expected that a number of amendments will be offered to S. 649, including a ban on commonly and lawfully-owned firearms and magazines and language to criminalize the private transfer of firearms through an expansion of background checks.  This includes the misguided “compromise” proposal drafted by Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV), Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

Please contact Senator Ayotte today and tell her not to support this bill. http://www.ayotte.senate.gov/?p=offices

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U.S. Senate Sets Stage for
Gun Control Votes

Today (April 11), by a vote of 68-31, the U.S. Senate voted to move forward with debate and votes on a variety of gun control proposals.

The underlying bill that will be considered by the Senate is S. 649, the so-called “Safe Communities, Safe Schools Act of 2013”.  This bill would criminalize the private transfer of firearms by law-abiding citizens, requiring friends, neighbors and many family members to get government permission to exercise a fundamental right or face prosecution.   It is expected that a number of amendments will be offered to S. 649, including a ban on commonly and lawfully-owned firearms and magazines and language to criminalize the private transfer of firearms through an expansion of background checks.  This includes the misguided “compromise” proposal drafted by Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV), Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY).

NRA’s position on these proposals is unmistakably clear—we are unequivocally opposed to S. 649, the amendments mentioned above, and any other anti-gun amendments.   As we have noted previously, expanding background checks at gun shows or elsewhere will not reduce violent crime or keep our kids safe in their schools.  Given the importance of these issues, votes on all anti-gun amendments or proposals will be considered in NRA’s future candidate evaluations.

If the Senate is truly concerned about enhancing safety, rather than political grandstanding, it will replace the current provisions of S. 649 with language that is properly focused on addressing mental health inadequacies; prosecuting violent criminals; and keeping our kids safe in their schools.

The next round of votes on these measures are likely to occur on Tuesday, April 16.

The most important thing NRA members and Second Amendment supporters can do right now is to call, email, write and fax their U.S. Senators, urging them to oppose S. 649 and all anti-gun amendments to that bill, and to encourage your family, friends and fellow firearm owners to do the same. To identify and contact your legislators in Washington, D.C., you can use the “Write Your Reps” feature at www.NRAILA.org, or you can reach your member of Congress by phone at 202-224-3121.

To read NRA-ILA Executive Director Chris Cox’s letter that was sent to Senators prior to today’s procedural vote, click here.

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Obama Gun Grab Tomorrow? Keep up the Filibuster!

From my friends at GrasstopsUSA

We need to keep the pressure on against Obama, Feinstein Reid and all the other lefties. Go to the website below and send your Blast Fax to Congress.


Make no mistake, Reid’s pushing a vote because patriotic Americans, like you, have been flooding the Senate with Blast Faxes and phone calls… and you’re rapidly changing a lot of hearts and minds.

       Fourteen Senators have publicly cally stated that they’re going to join the Paul-Lee-Cruz-Rubio filibuster and by the time you read this urgent alert, more will certainly come on board.

       Reid thinks he can bring the Gun Grab to the floor BEFORE you have the chance to change more hearts and minds… but what he fails to realize is that GrassTopsUSA members are a rapid-response force.



Screenshot (37)



Quote of the day!

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.
George Washington 




Reloading my 45ACP Kimber 1911 Pro Crimson Carry II and Mixed Brass and Small vs Large Primers



Recently I have been reloading for my Pro Crimson Carry II (4 inch barrel) which shoots my reloads exceptionally well.   The word Crimson (Red) comes from Crimson Trace Laser that is part of the Double Diamond Rosewood Handle.  I can see the red laser in bright daylight too and can switch it on and off. For home protection it is simply the best. The laser has a button built into the grip that you can barely feel. When you squeeze the grip the laser is there and on your target. I have never owned a finer 1911 Model 45 ACP than this KImber. The bottom grip and base are made of aircraft aluminum. The slide is steel and the barrel is Match Grade steel.  Yes you pay and boy do you get! http://www.kimberamerica.com/1911/crimson-carry-ii

The brass casings are big and round, they are picked up and saved  from my shooting sessions at my Club. In one of my shooting bags I drop the brass cases to be worked on later at home, some of the brass I pick up are from other shooters too. My shooting bag gathered maybe 150 casings with some mixed head stamps and a few 9 and 10 mm picked up in error. So I sort and clean my brass to remove the 9mm and 10mm odd stuff that came with the brass I picked. You know, I have shot with some mixed head stamps in the past and they worked ok but prefer to shoot only one head stamp brand at a time if at all possible for serious consistency.

Ideally, brass should be all one brand head stamp and treated in batches but these days things are often not ideal. Just finding components such as bullets, primers and powder is a nightmare but I planned ahead.  Some of my recently purchased Blaser Brand 45 ACP ammo has small primers instead of large pistol primers. Nice brass, but in my sorting cleaning process I tossed them out with the trash so the would not be confused with large pistol primer pockets. These small pistol primer pockets can be a pain, so I recommend tossing them. By shooting in batches you can monitor the length of your brass too, so as not to exceed case length without case trimming. I clean my cases in a case cleaning machine using peanut shells mixed with liquid brass cleaner and takes a couple of hours for the machine to do the work. Cases of any kind that have not been trimmed at or below max can create variation in pressures so check them to be sure and have the correct reloading manual for the bullets you intend to load. An ounce of prevention they say is worth a pound of cure. The priming process is critical in that the primer must be flush with the case head or the round will not finish chambering.  By feeling the newly inserted case primer with your finger you can ensure that it is flush in the pocket.  It took me awhile with my single stage RCBS rock chucker press but I managed to pump out 200 finished rounds in a couple of sessions using Hornady’s new XTP hollow points that expand up to 1.5 times across a wide range of velocities. http://www.hornady.com/store/45-Cal-.451-200-gr-HP-XTP/


I cleaned and sized and flared much more than the 200 cases. I use Hodgdon TiteGroup Powder.

powder hodgdon titegroup

It works very well and meters in a volumetric powder measurer consistently and is verifiable by weight!  In 45 ACP the crimping process is called a taper crimp and does not roll a crimp in the traditional sense into a bullet cannelure but does the crimp along the body of the cartridge, snugging it to the bullet. I like the fact that you can disassemble the Kimber Pro Carry in moments and use the barrel separately to drop your finished round in, to see that it goes in easily and is flush. In the Navy during the  Vietnam era, I stood topside-watch on a Nuclear Sub with the Model 1911 45 ACP.  It was never as good as the Kimber but always worked smoothly. Have fun and be safe!