Obama Gun Grab Tomorrow? Keep up the Filibuster!

From my friends at GrasstopsUSA

We need to keep the pressure on against Obama, Feinstein Reid and all the other lefties. Go to the website below and send your Blast Fax to Congress.


Make no mistake, Reid’s pushing a vote because patriotic Americans, like you, have been flooding the Senate with Blast Faxes and phone calls… and you’re rapidly changing a lot of hearts and minds.

       Fourteen Senators have publicly cally stated that they’re going to join the Paul-Lee-Cruz-Rubio filibuster and by the time you read this urgent alert, more will certainly come on board.

       Reid thinks he can bring the Gun Grab to the floor BEFORE you have the chance to change more hearts and minds… but what he fails to realize is that GrassTopsUSA members are a rapid-response force.



Screenshot (37)



Quote of the day!

Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples’ liberty’s teeth.
George Washington 




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