Should New Hampshire Rifleman push for a 1000 Yard Rifle Range?

Yes is the answer! My interest in 1000 yard/meter ranges is to broaden the long-range skills of New Hampshire Rifleman by making this range accessible to the public via sportsmen. The nearest 1000 meter/yard Rifle Ranges are in New York State and Pennsylvania. Today’s rifle manufacturing technology has improved barrel and stock quality technology to such a degree that many new rifles today are capable of off the shelf sub-minute-of Angle groups. That being said a rifle that shoots a 1/2 inch group at 100 yards can group 5 inches at 1000 yards. My Ruger rifle is capable of 1/2 inch groups, the Savage Model 110 I am testing is capable of 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards as are many other rifles today. My sons, Savage Model 110 in .308 can shoot 1/4 inch groups at 100 yards consecutively off a bench rest.  But we will never realize the proven capability of these rifles, and the many bullets and ballistic profiles/coefficients, scopes and rangfinders unless New Hampshire shooters go out of state or pay a private company to shoot on their property.

It is sportsmen and their children that provide the early life marksmen skills that cleanly kill deer, turkey, bear, moose, ducks geese for the dining table such as those animals brought to the table by World War I hero Sergeant Alvin C. York. As a hunter his skills were honed out of a necessity to feed the family.

It later came in handy when he was drafted into WW I. It was the hunters skills and those of 1775 Minute Men Militia’s that saved America in all of the Wars undertaken by the USA since its birth. A place to practice is needed!!

Pemi- Valley Tried to get 1000 yard range approved.

The folks at Pemi-Valley tried to get a 1000 yard range approved and it fell short in town a few years back. I think a renewed effort should get underway with the support of organizations such as the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the National Rifle Association. Further that NH Clubs should consider financially supporting such an endeavor for both sportsmen and shooters and to exercise our ability under the Second Amendment to Keep and Bear Arms. What good is keeping a bearing arms if you can only shoot/practice at 100 yards or so?

Why have a 1000 range is like asking why have a 300 or 600 yard range?  A 1000 yard range offers an ability to provide long-range skills to shooters, hunters and marksmen. Ballistics and ranging skills among New Hampshire shooters and hunters is lacking, I suggest due to insufficient long-range public facilities.

I believe that Pemi-Valley has the best chance to get a 1000 meter/yard range approved.

What stands in the way? Those that think guns are bad stand in the way.  Do you really want to let them win that argument?  In 2012 Rick Olson Jr. wrote an article

The Anti-Gun Cadre Levels Its Sights On Pemigewasset Valley Fish & Game Club

Here is the link to that article:

I have emailed a few folks that were working on the Range but it is still in Limbo.

Shooting sports are undergoing great resurgence. Lets get this or another 1000 range built and staff it with trained Range Officers and Skilled Shooters.

Talk it up Folks or let the Left take over your God given rights! I will talk with Pemi- Valley and report back.


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