Lady Smith Revolver and Ruger LCP for Women

There are many choices out there today for women who are interested in Self Defense weapons. I have just spent time with a woman firearms sales representative who shoots regularly herself and asked what is her best recommendation today in Women’s Self Defense pistols. She was forthright in asking, is she going to carry? Yes was the answer. When is she going to carry was the next question, all the time or when she goes out with friends on late night gatherings. I would guess when she is out late, I said. In that case she recommended the Ruger LCP Centerfire Pistol below in .380 caliber.

ruger lcp best


I noticed that the grip was very short when I held it but it was so small and light that you could hide it most anywhere. Women carrying in a purse, or in a internal -waistband holster. Out with friends, it is best to carry it on your person verses a handbag the sales woman said. If your hand bag is stolen you have no back up. Recoil increases because the gun is so light but not overly so. It works just by pulling the trigger. Point and shoot is all you need to know. Suggested Retail Cost: $300 to $375. They offer a small pinky grip extension for those with larger hands. Here is a demonstration below.

Go on youtube and look for other demo’s. Practice makes perfect at close range of say 7 feet. What I have observed is that those that practice with it on youtube are too far away from the target. Some women like it some don’t when it is shot but carrying is very easy.

Training with this pistol for 200 rounds and you will love this gun. Men like it very much too as it makes a fine pocket pistol.


The “Lady Smith” is a fine all around 38 snubnose revolver that has 6 shots and no hammer to get in the way. It takes 6 rounds in the cylinder. A point and shoot firearm at close range. Larger than the Ruger LCP but not by alot. My saleswomen friend likes the Lady Smith too.

lady smith 38

This a very good handling conceal carry gun and a great home revolver.

Both guns need to be shot regularly to maintain proficiency. Bullet stopping power is fine for both of these guns. Whichever is most comfortable to carry and shoot well should be the best. This will vary from woman to woman.

Call you local indoor range like Manchester Firing Line  to see if they have models that you can shoot to see if you like them.

manchester firing line

Or go to Chester Rod and Gun in Chester NH this Saturday 9 to 4pm and Sunday 10 am to 3 pm are open to the public to shoot Smith and Wesson guns like the Lady Smith and talk to Smith Representatives to try it out.

Good Shooting! Be Safe!©





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