Rifle Supressor for .22 rimfire

I met a couple of shooters at the range yesterday that were experimenting with their new .22 rimfire, Gemtech ( http://www.gem-tech.com) suppressors (silencers) since their approval by ATF authorities taking fingerprints, photos,and doing a thorough background check (takes about 6 months). I would show a photo of the but it is just a tube about 7 inches long.

What they discovered was that on the Smith M&P .22 below, that the suppressor needed a special washer for the bullet to come out straight. At 25 yards the suppressor was throwing the bullets a foot left and a foot low. I suggested a phone call to the manufacturer while at the range and a special flat washer was purchased over the phone to set the correct alignment with the barrel just for that rifle model. My shooting acquaintances were happy again.

811062_01_md Smith M and P rifle


If you live in New Hampshire you are allowed to purchase and shoot with a suppressor with approvals above. In CA, DE, HI, MA, MI, MN, MO*, NJ, NY, RI, or VT the politicians have outlawed them. This model was purchased at Riley’s in Hooksett.

Again, these suppressors (and other NFA items) are transferred to individuals on an ATF Form 4, which requires a $200 stamp tax, a chief law enforcement sign-off, and a set of fingerprints to be submitted to the ATF.

When shooting standard .22 ammo at 1050 fps all you could hear was the click of the action. But when high velocity ammo was shot the bullet made a loud crack as it broke the sound barrier, thus losing the quiet capability.

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