Finding Deer in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Fish and Game Wildlife Harvest Summary is a must read for every hunter. The summary comes out every year and I read it every year (see below). Of course that does not mean you will kill a deer every year but the summary slices and dices the harvest data every which way so you can get at specific information that you are looking for. Trophy deer data is available too.

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Southern NH has always had a great deer population so many hunters consider this a focal point. Yet at the same time there are many hunters that want a really wild experience away from roads and homes so they go north. North country, my hunting friends, grows really big bucks. Why? The deer density is low, hunting pressure is low. This is where a buck can live to the trophy age above 3 1/2 years and peak at about 5 1/2 years and his antlers are in their best size and shape. When I say north I really mean Central New Hampshire and north.

So if you want a bigger deer “on average” to hunt consider northern deer. Its harder, much harder some say. If you know the area, then it is not as hard as you might think.

There are porker bucks in Southern Zones but you have to do your homework to have a chance at them in and around No Hunting Signs. Getting written permission to hunt in southern hot-spots is very much worth investing your time. Do it before hunting season and be neat in appearance. All the landowner can do is say no. Offering to aid the landowner in some way can help as well.

Yes I love my venison and have shot many lesser bucks but this year I may hold for a bigger buck and it may take 2 or 3 years to achieve success.

Once you have located your hunting areas then it is essential to scout them out. Topographical maps are also an essential tool for the mobile hunter. I like Topographical Software. There are numerous companies that offer it. Today there are phone apps that can do this too. Just remember to keep your phone charged. I still prefer a way to print out my Topo map and carry a paper copy with me.

Remember to wear Hunter Orange  during the firearms season, it will keep you out of harms way.©



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