Invest in your Muzzleloader!

It is no secret that in New Hampshire your best chance to shoot a bragger buck under “your terms” is during the MuzzleLoader season. Why is this true?  It is true because bucks are truly hot and bothered and ready to fight to the death in early November yet the majority of adult does will not be in estrous till after the 10th of November. You, my hunting friend can call in, rattle in or scent in a buck to be foolish and appear in daylight hours where you can get a clean shot at one.

So don’t skimp on your muzzleloader for accuracy and dependability.  There are bolt actions such as the Knight Muzzleloaders

Screenshot (98)

( and break actions like CVA and TC.


I have owned both. I prefer a good break action like the CVA Optima below and like it a lot. Similar to the TC Pro-Hunter in looks. Lower in Cost. Of the two the TC is better if you can afford one. I could not at the time.

Screenshot (100)

If I were to buy another it would be the TC Encore Pro Hunter Platform that is interchangeable. ( they are not cheap!

Screenshot (99)

These are but a few of many Muzzleloaders to check out at your local dealer.

Invest in good bullets too. Most are rapid expanding types with a carbonate tip and a decent ballistic coefficient for longer range shots out to 200 yards with 150 grains of powder. I watched a 300 grain bullet cross a chronograph with 150 grains (three pellets) at 1930 ft/sec with 2400 ft-lbs at the Muzzle and 1455 ft-lbs at 200 yards. Wow!

I prefer 100 grains powder on a 300 grain slug, and limit shots to within 100 yards.© 2013


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