Fall Turkey Down – update with Oven ready photo

Get out theyah and get em! There are turkeys everywheyah! Ok go paak yowa caaa. Get yowa camo on fowa showa. Ayuh!

My wife says she can kill turkeys every day right from her caaa as she drives to work.

She says they are so dumb when they cross the road.

That might be, I said, “but once they are back in the woods they become smaat again. Mighty fast!”

This week is turkey shotgun season. A second chance for some and a second turkey for me. At least that is the plan. To have a wild 2 turkey thanksgiving would be a first for my family. Below is my spring turkey. I am a Remington 870 fan.



I got my Fall Turkey this morning October 15, 2013 in Unit M at 7am with Shotgun. It was a hen at 9 pounds. Tag your bird immediately. You are allowed a male or hen in the fall only according to F&G. I had it checked in and sealed. I intended to take either sex to fill out my tag. Rules for identifying male from female are also on this site. Since I was alone, no photo was taken in the woods.

See website below for all details:


Ok here is a new photo of the Hen I shot this morning! Who needs Butter Ball anyway!



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