The Quigley Tradition Lives Today – Quigley 2014

Most all shooters of rifles have heard of Matthew Quigley made famous by Tom Selleck in the Movie “Quigley – Down Under.” An American Hero of Mine. Wanna go to a Quigley Shoot? Better yet shoot in one. You can!

You can purchase a sharps from The Actual Quigley Rifle is an 1874 Sharps Buffalo Rifle made for Quigley. Yes it is a very expensive rifle. Maybe I will buy one when I get the money up someday. Got to love that double set trigger and 34 inch barrel not to mention the aperture sight.



Military Buttstock
Patch Box
No Cheek rest
No Pistol Grip
Standard Grade Wood ONLY
34″ Heavy Octagon Barrel
45/70 or 45-110 Caliber
Pewter Tip
Hartford Collar
Double Set Triggers
Semi Buckhorn Rear Sight
#109A Aperture Card
Midrange Vernier Tang Sight
#111 Globe Aperture Front Sight
Antique or Std Color Finish (specify)
2 or 3 Gold Inlay Initials in Gold Oval

Course you can get Engraving Too. Wait till I wipe the drool from my chin…Can you say magnificent!

Quigley was all American born and raised. Like you and me and Tom Selleck. He is today what John Wayne was to my generation.

A Quigley Tradition Lives Today – Quigley 2014


    The Matthew Quigley Buffalo Rifle Match for 2014 will be held on 14 and 15 June, 2014.  The information flyer will be out by the end of January and will be emailed or physically mailed to all shooters in our database.

Tom Selleck attends the Shoot every year and authorizes the shoot and signs your award.




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