Kimber 1911 Pro Crimson Carry II


Yesterday, I took my Kimber 1911 for a walk. It needed some fresh air and loud noises at the range. Being cooped up in cold weather creates Cabin Fever. I know a lot about cabin fever back in my Navy submarine days where my sub was submerged for 70 days on Patrol babysitting 160 nuclear warheads. Ok back to shooting.

It was actually Jerry Miculek’s video’s that inspired me. I have always considered myself a good shot. Fast and Accurate? Accurate yes but fast is something that takes practice. When I say fast, at 10 yards it takes me a whole 2 seconds between shots. Yes it sounds fast and in fact it is, sort’a, but when you see a fast shooter take 2 seconds to shoot all 6 targets, then you know what fast is. My first shot is usually slower because I am not on target. But if I were on target then speed would likely be the same on the first shot.

If I were practicing for that first shot at a menacing intruder intending to do my family harm, all is different, the safety is off but my grip safety is on till I paint the Crimson Trace laser on the intruder. So I practice for that too in a different way holding my pistol pointed forward near my right chest to protect it, then extend for the shot if I need to.

Previously I competed with a Hi Standard 22LR pistol at indoor leagues and have won an occasional award. At my only 100 yard Silhouette Match with a Ruger 22LR Pistol, I came in second place, not bad for a novice. In the military I carried the 1911 when on Topside watch. Not a lot of fire power if you wanted to get by me. But I did practice removing the clip and placing a new one at the ready. I love my Kimber and broke it in with ball ammo like the military uses. I have had the Kimber for 5 years and I am not giving it up any time soon. Yes it is expensive but my life and that of my family is more so.

Never had a problem with my Kimber, ever! It is smooth…Go to

On carrying this pistol, I am licensed/permit to carry.

At home I have my pistol where it is clean, oiled  and safe and I can get to it in a hurry. You too! That’s great! Be safe out there. © 2014


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