Mossberg 715 Tactical 22LR -Initial Test


Here is the Mossberg 715T fitted with a Nikon Prostaff 3×9 that I tested today. The rifle retails for around $300.00, I got mine new for much less. This was an initial test for High Velocity 22LR Ammo to see if the action can handle a heavy load and tested this ammo for accuracy at 25 yards. Five shots of each High Velocity Brand were shot in slow fire. Temperature was in the 20’s, Sunny, Wind 5 -10mph



Brand                                                 Group                  Est. Muz. Vel.

Norma TAC-22 LR (New) 40g             3/4    inch group       1100FPS

Remington High Vel.    40g                  1 3/4  inch group      1200FPS

CCI Velocitor (New) 40g HP                7/8   inch group         1400FPS+

CCI Mini-Mag    40g                              1 1/4 inch group        1200FPS+

CCI Stinger 36g                                    1    inch group           1600FPS

Winchester Target                               1 3/4 inch group         1000FPS –

Best Accuracy was obtained by Norma TAC-22 at 3/4 inch followed by CCI Velocitor with a 7/8 inch group.  More cycle tests are coming with 25 rounds loaded. The only thing that I had difficulty with initially was to load more than 10 rounds in the Clip, (25 in clip) it was difficult. Others reported the same issue. A second clip costs 34 dollars. Below is the ammo I tested with it. Some of the ammo has been on my shelf for years but this past summer I found it to be fine. I did have an older CCI Stinger today that fired but the powder only partially ignited and the bullet had to be pushed out of the barrel. During the summer I had no issues with this older ammo, perhaps the colder air affected the ignition? All in all, this high velocity ammo fed well and grouped well. More tests to come…© 2014


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