Mossberg 715T Tactical 22LR at 75 yards.

This week I shot the Mossberg 715T (T for Tactical) 22 Long Rifle at 75 yards with two manufacturers of ammo. Weather was cold at 23 degrees, wind 5 to 10 mph. I first shot the new Blazer ammo which is said to be around 1235 fps at the muzzle. Loading the ammo in the clip gets easier as you learn to load it. Ten rounds loaded in the clip in the first minute and two more minutes to load the next 10 rounds. More than that and I was denting the brass and bending the lead a bit by forcing more in the clip that is supposed to hold 25 rounds. I had two shots where the action did not close so I to removed the clip and reset/closed the action. The bullet fired fine.

Groups at 75 yards were being pushed left by the wind as you can see with the lateral dispersion. Vertical dispersion was very tight with the majority striking in two inch groups. I reset the scope to pull the groups more left. 75 yds Mossberg 715 T with Blazer ammo

The Norma T 22 ammo shots below at 1100 fps spread more in a vertical dispersion at 75 yards and the group spread nearly four inches. I did have a single round that did not fire due to the bolt not fully locking down. Cold weather and lack of lubrication likely contributed.

75 yds Mossberg 715 T with Norma ammo

Warmer weather is coming so I will at some point chronograph bullet speeds. So far I have put nearly 100 rounds through this rifle. The more I handle and shoot it the better it shoots, so it is perhaps more me than the rifle. More to come…



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