NH Turkeys doin’ Fine-Get Ready

Turkey Season is just days away. This week and next week you should be out locating flocks and know where they roost. Use a locator call, like an owl call or a crow call to get the Toms to gobble. http://www.primos.com/products/turkey-locator-calls/ They are everywhere. Try to hunt in places that others do not know about or are out of the way. Try not to hunt where there are many other hunters, I know its hard but you will have a better hunt. I will carry a camo back pack with my hen and tom decoy. Water for hydration, a laser rangefinder to mark my max shot distance an orange hat for when I am moving. Go back and re-read my earlier Turkey Article. Check out you tube video’s and other articles. Where is your checklist? Don’t have one? You should! It is a waste of time and effort to get to your spot and find out that essentials are missing. Like a pen to write out your turkey tag. I like to take slices of granny smith apples to keep my mouth and throat hydrated. Ever had a coughing fit while on stand? It can ruin a hunt. More as we get to zero dark thirty…Can you feel the little surge of adrenaline? Be Safe. Check out NH retailers for Turkey gear..

New Ballistic Calculator

New Ballistic Calculator

In the NH Rifleman Header is the new JBM Ballistic Calculator used by Nosler for public use. Don’t be fooled to click advertising to Download stuff. No Downloads are available. Again, don’t click any buttons that say Download Now

There are five Ballistics calculators listed with the header that reads; General Trajectory Calculators

Click on the colored header that says “Trajectory” and follow the directions to input your bullet data. You will get a whole host of valuable information. The Hornady Ballistics Calculator is still available at www.Hornady.com for those who like it.

There are four more advance calculators:

Trajectory – Drift

Trajectory Simplified

Modified Mass Point Trajectory.

The 26 Nosler – Worlds Most Powerful 6.5mm Commercial Cartridge?


I have tested bullets for a number of years for Nosler. They are in my estimation the best bullets in the World. Now they have a new Cartridge and a AccuBond® Long Range™ bullet and even a new rifle! Click on the Image and take a fast ride! We will likely be on the test list for June or July!

26 Nosler- NEW BANNER.jpg

My friends at Nosler have created a new Cartridge and 4 months ago approved by SAAMI for release to the Hunting and Shooting World that other rifle makers can use. It is the 26 Nosler, a 6.5mm Cartridge, that when shot out of Nosler rifles and shot with Nosler’s new 6.5 AccuBond® Long Range™ Bullets it needs no sight picture change from zero all the way out to 415 yards when it is zeroed at 350 yards. So whether your deer is at 60 yards or 400 yards, just point and shoot they say. Most of us that shoot fast rifles end up approaching 300 yard maximums for what we call Point Blank range. This is more than another hundred yards further. It is being introduced with the Nosler Patriot Rifle with their M48 Action. and 26 inch barrel.

The Rifle Retails for around $1600. The trigger breaks at a crisp 3 pounds. Nice! Guaranteed MOA accuracy with specific Nosler ammo. Today a rifle is expected to do that right out of the box, as I have with other Test Rifles. So that statistic of guarantee is not that impressive as a bean field rifle for accuracy beyond 600 yards but perhaps it is without the guarantee. My Ruger rifle tests do not guarantee a better than MOA accuracy but they deliver sub MOA with some loads. So the big win here for Nosler is to deliver a 4 inch group at 400 yards in perfect conditions with no wind and 400 yard velocities of 2700 fps (Correction, I originally said over 3000) delivering 2123 foot pounds of Elk and Moose Stopping Energy. I used a G7 drag Coeff. of .285 in  the JBM ballistic calculator. This bullet can reach out far beyond 600 yards if groups are sub-MOA. For deer at sub MOA at almost 2000 fps for a full mushroom and over 1100 ft-lbs it can cleanly kill a deer at 900 yards or longer for an experienced LR shooter. Most hunters are not capable of that, including me at this time.

For more info go to Nosler.com!

Campfire Rifle and Bullet Talk

Ok, roast a few marshmallows and lets talk of rifles and bullets.  Today we have the best bullets on the planet, with construction ranging from all lead as in old west and today with solid copper or gilding copper jacketed bullets with which to load our rifles. And some of those rifles reveal the best of both worlds, big game such as deer and varmints too. It is bullet weight, shape, composition, speed and sectional densities along with a bullets terminal velocity drive the ability to provide sufficient energy for a clean kill.

Marginal cross use cartridges such as the .223  lack sufficient sectional density (diameter/weight) to provide consistent kills at normal terminal design speeds of 2000 fps where the bullet mushrooms in the game delivering maximum energy to a deer and black bear size game. Yet on lighter game, such as coyotes and the like, they shine due to the smaller target mass and body thickness and penetrate well with excellent wound channels. At 6 mm, this in my estimation, is the small game to big game caliber such as gophers and coyotes to deer and bear. A one gun machine that also kicks little. The  6.5 mm and above like the .270 or 7mm there is sufficient sectional density coupled with energy and good bullet construction and shape for really big game such as Elk and Moose. I consider brown bear as “Dangerous Game” and should be treated that way, with respect. The smallest caliber I recommend is the  .338 Winchester Magnum with 250 grain bullets like the AccuBond or a Partition/ A Frame style.

There are many schools of thought on which rifle and caliber to own however Most New England Hunters shoot the .270 Winchester, 30-06 and 308 for all around big game performance It is not as recoil friendly for a new hunter unless you purchase reduced recoil cartridges, which manufacturers do make.

From a hand loading perspective I would opt for the larger calibers all the way up to my .375 if I was not a varmint hunter, because I can create reduced loads for any of these cartridges. That is why I highly recommend to my readers that they become hand loaders, you will be so glad you did. It will bring a whole new level of satisfaction to those that do. In addition it gives you a large measure of Freedom. Like you, I like freedom to choose.

© 2014

Scott Brown – Maverick in a NH Second Amendment Pressure Cooker

Former Senator Scott Brown would be happier in Massachusetts where he can mingle with the Liberals sometimes on this, and the Republicans on that, but he lost his senate race in Taxachusetts. I believe Scott Brown is a Maverick, one who is unpredictable with liberal tendencies on Second Amendment issues.

Yes, so he comes up here to New Hampshire dragging his liberal baggage with him. But up here in “Live Free or Die” Country he is getting a dose of Conservatism from God fearing, church going Constitutional, Second Amendment advocates and those who really embody the Live Free of Die Motto!

We want Freedom, We want Free Enterprise, and we want the Constitution of the United States as our Founding Fathers wrote it. Not how a liberal would re-interpret it. We want smaller Government Scott! Of the People by the People and For the People.

Scott, you just can’t walk the talk up here a drop the word Freedom every now and again.

Gun Quotations of the Founding Fathers

“Give me Liberty or Give me Death!”

Patrick Henry

“A free people ought to be armed.”
– George Washington

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
– Benjamin Franklin

“No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms.”
– Thomas Jefferson

“I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery.”
– Thomas Jefferson

What does former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown say?

Ban Assault Weapons and create Electronics to control guns!

Clearly  the Founding Father’s would be livid too with Scott.

Citizens, as Scott Brown fully knows, do not own true military assault weapons as they are not capable of fully automatic fire.

So what if Scott Brown was a kid up here in New Hampshire? Did he learn anything about Live Free or Die?

Sportsmen and Second Amendment advocates are angry and frustrated with his emphasis on Gun Control using electronic’s to control guns. Would they also control the guns of Criminals? Of course not! We would then become the only criminals!

No rest for the weary! Scott, renounce affiliation with those who want to place electronic shackles on Firearms and make Freedom loving individuals into criminals.

Scott, embrace the Founding Fathers belief that; “An armed society is a Free society!”

Or go back to Massachusetts!

For more reading on Scott’s Second Amendment positions read the Granite Grok Interview where he was as clear as mud:





Get Reloading Now!

So you’ve been tellin’ yourself; Someday soon I will get into Reloading my own Ammunition! Now is the time my hunting and shooting friends!

The early spring and summer months are great to reload once the grass is cut and chores are minimal. Reloading for me is great down time, a be with myself, event.

It’s quiet in my basement, just me, brass cartridges, primers,powder and bullets along with my Reloading Press and a reloading manual. I just like the quiet time too.

Honestly, I am a read-a-holic when it comes to reloading manuals. I own several and each of them provide different perspectives, unique unto themselves. I own the Nosler Reloading Manual, the Hornady Handbook of cartridge reloading, the Speer book of Cartridge reloading and others.

Common in all reloading manuals is safety and a methodical approach to reloading.

It is very safe once you understand the fundamental that you are working with. If you are going to reload I suggest that you purchase a professional video such as the Precisioneered-Handloading DVD from RCBS; http://www.amazon.com/RCBS-99910-Precisioneered-Handloading-Dvd/dp/B001F0NRP4

Or go to RCBS site for more basics; http://www.rcbs.com/guide/#basics or perhaps to other vendors of your choice. I like and trust RCBS.

The above video is only 11.99 on Amazon.

Also make a purchase of at least one Reloading Manual. I like Nosler http://www.nosler.com/reloading-guide-7/ and Hornady Manuals http://www.hornady.com/store/9th-Edition-Reloading-Manual  so take your pick. Pick them up at your local sporting goods shop that handles reloading products.  Once you have read up a bit now choose your reloading equipment. If you are going to shoot volumes of bullets then a turret press will allow you to crank out accurate volumes of ammo. If extreme accuracy with inspection at each step are your goals then you might consider a simple single stage reloading press. I have used just a single stage RCBS press for more than 30 years.

Screenshot (159)

I like it but I don’t shoot volumes of ammo. May be 50 rounds every other week for pistol and 20 rounds a week for Rifle. If I was going to be in Competitive Events then I would invest in a turret multi-stage press like RCBS : https://shop.rcbs.com/WebConnect/MainServlet?storeId=webconnect&catalogId=webconnect&langId=en_US&action=ProductDisplay&screenlabel=index&productId=6314

Screenshot (160)

So what are you waiting for? Go get ’em!


Sunshine at the Range…Ahhhhhh

It was my day off and went on a scouting drive and a trip to the Rifle Range. I brought two of my Rifles along to get some cobwebs out. For those that follow my articles I own the Ruger American .243 Winchester, what a rifle! I tested it then I bought it! I hand load most all of my ammo ‘cept shotgun.

Laying beside that rifle below, was my Ruger African M77 in .375 Ruger. My deer load is a Speer 235 grain just loping along at a modest 2100 fps like a hot muzzle loader. Grouped about the same just a bit over 2 inches at 150 yards. With 270 grain full power loads they tend to shoot into one hole…well, almost, at 100 yards.

DSC_0036 DSC_0037

I went for a 150 yard shot with the Ruger American .243 on a bench rest with 55 grain Nosler Varmint heads coming out of the barrel at 3500 fps. They grouped in the 2 1/4″ range. Great for coyotes at out to 600 yards. I proved this gun a real shooter with submoa groups with 90 grain heads. Very little recoil! On deer it can kill with sufficient energy out to 300 yards with a 90 to 100 grain head.

Here in the Northeast just don’t hit a branch before your deer as the bullet will likely be deflected.

Which is why I love the .375 Ruger for deer, when hand loaded. What branch? Great mass and momentum to plow through a small sapling and still deliver tremendous energy.

The .375 Ruger with a 270 grain spitzer AccuBond exits the barrel at around 2600 fps and can deliver almost 1500 foot pounds at 600 yards. A great Big Game rifle for any game on the planet except perhaps a bull elephant with a bad attitude at short range. When hand loaded down you can shoot small game with minimal damage to the meat. Yes really! When loaded down it acts a lot like an accurate muzzle loader. No crack sound, just a boom. What a day! Nice weather too.



NH US Senate Race and Second Amendment

I spent some time yesterday and reviewed Candidates for US Senator New Hampshire to run against Senator Jeanne Shaheen who does not support the Second Amendment of the Constitution to Keep and Bear Arms.

The only pro Second Amendment Candidate who I believe has a chance is:

Jim Rubens – http://jimrubens.com/  and http://jimrubens.com/gun-rights.html

I like Karen Testerman but voters have her in the weeds and she has no funding.

Scott Brown continues to bash the Second Amendment. On ObamaCare, Scott is choosing that as his Big Stick to whack at Jeanne Shaheen’s pro Obama Agenda.


NH Snow is leaving – Turkeys Coming! Updated

For those who are waiting for the North’s shooting ranges to clear it is still, I think, a work in progress. In Northern NH in the White Mountains, they are still white with snow depths of 25 inches in some places. Far to the south and east in NH the snow is practically gone. At my home in Plaistow there are a few spots under heavy pines and in sun shadows that some snow remains. My lawn is turning green and my nose is itching with perhaps some pussy willow pollen. Get your gear ready, buy some of those new Turkey loads to increase your range and focus your shot pattern. I am thinking #5 shot. How ’bout you?

Love my Remington 870

Screenshot (155)

This weekend is a good time to hit the sport shops for those turkey loads and calls and camo. I like the green leaf add to my camo hat as I sit at the base of a large tree. When they can see my eyes it will be too late. Note in an earlier article I said I bought some camo band-aids for camo around my eyes. Don’t purchase those as they didn’t stick at all. Lesson learned. But the camo leaves are terrific and a great buy. I have a camo’ wrap for my shotgun that should work but need more cloth tape to get rid of the shine of wood and metal. Here are the Turkey Loads I purchased today. They are #5 shot.


Here is the Quaker Boy Target I shot at today at 35 yards.


Looks like a very dead bird to me. The target says you need at least 5 shots in the head and neck for Maximum Effective Range. Here we have 14 pellets near the spine. Fantastic! I would say I could go a bit more. But I like it here!

I purchased decoys too.


Here is the Tom all unraveled ($19.00 each).


Each day gets closer! Time to do some scouting! Check out the Turkey hunt on NHFG website: http://www.wildlife.state.nh.us/Hunting/Hunt_species/hunt_turkey.htm