The 26 Nosler – Worlds Most Powerful 6.5mm Commercial Cartridge?


I have tested bullets for a number of years for Nosler. They are in my estimation the best bullets in the World. Now they have a new Cartridge and a AccuBond® Long Range™ bullet and even a new rifle! Click on the Image and take a fast ride! We will likely be on the test list for June or July!

26 Nosler- NEW BANNER.jpg

My friends at Nosler have created a new Cartridge and 4 months ago approved by SAAMI for release to the Hunting and Shooting World that other rifle makers can use. It is the 26 Nosler, a 6.5mm Cartridge, that when shot out of Nosler rifles and shot with Nosler’s new 6.5 AccuBond® Long Range™ Bullets it needs no sight picture change from zero all the way out to 415 yards when it is zeroed at 350 yards. So whether your deer is at 60 yards or 400 yards, just point and shoot they say. Most of us that shoot fast rifles end up approaching 300 yard maximums for what we call Point Blank range. This is more than another hundred yards further. It is being introduced with the Nosler Patriot Rifle with their M48 Action. and 26 inch barrel.

The Rifle Retails for around $1600. The trigger breaks at a crisp 3 pounds. Nice! Guaranteed MOA accuracy with specific Nosler ammo. Today a rifle is expected to do that right out of the box, as I have with other Test Rifles. So that statistic of guarantee is not that impressive as a bean field rifle for accuracy beyond 600 yards but perhaps it is without the guarantee. My Ruger rifle tests do not guarantee a better than MOA accuracy but they deliver sub MOA with some loads. So the big win here for Nosler is to deliver a 4 inch group at 400 yards in perfect conditions with no wind and 400 yard velocities of 2700 fps (Correction, I originally said over 3000) delivering 2123 foot pounds of Elk and Moose Stopping Energy. I used a G7 drag Coeff. of .285 in  the JBM ballistic calculator. This bullet can reach out far beyond 600 yards if groups are sub-MOA. For deer at sub MOA at almost 2000 fps for a full mushroom and over 1100 ft-lbs it can cleanly kill a deer at 900 yards or longer for an experienced LR shooter. Most hunters are not capable of that, including me at this time.

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