NH Turkeys doin’ Fine-Get Ready

Turkey Season is just days away. This week and next week you should be out locating flocks and know where they roost. Use a locator call, like an owl call or a crow call to get the Toms to gobble. http://www.primos.com/products/turkey-locator-calls/ They are everywhere. Try to hunt in places that others do not know about or are out of the way. Try not to hunt where there are many other hunters, I know its hard but you will have a better hunt. I will carry a camo back pack with my hen and tom decoy. Water for hydration, a laser rangefinder to mark my max shot distance an orange hat for when I am moving. Go back and re-read my earlier Turkey Article. Check out you tube video’s and other articles. Where is your checklist? Don’t have one? You should! It is a waste of time and effort to get to your spot and find out that essentials are missing. Like a pen to write out your turkey tag. I like to take slices of granny smith apples to keep my mouth and throat hydrated. Ever had a coughing fit while on stand? It can ruin a hunt. More as we get to zero dark thirty…Can you feel the little surge of adrenaline? Be Safe. Check out NH retailers for Turkey gear..

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