What does a Zel Custom Spartan 50 BMG look like?

Below is a Zel Custom Spartan bolt action 50 BMG from www.tactilite.com.  The Long range scope is a Vortex with mil-dot. I shot this puppy and it kicks more as it is lighter than some models. But it can shoot. The owner let me take a shot once he was on the bullseye. I missed the red center by 1/4 inch. Well, that is not really a miss, is it?  Is this affordable? For some it is not ridiculous to own but you have to have a place to shoot it to wring out its capabilities. At 100 yards this machine never got warmed up. I had a shoulder recoil pad with me for my .375 Ruger full power loads at Bench Rest. This is not a hunting firearm it is a Second Amendment Rifle and a long range target rifle if you can afford the ammo. I hope to shoot it more in the future.


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