Why Vote for New Hampshire’s Bob Smith for Senate?

March 4, 2014 -- Bob Smith Announces Senate Campaign


Please take a moment to visit Senator Bob Smiths Website:


First and foremost Senator Bob Smith is a Vietnam Era Veteran. He believes in the Constitution and the Second Amendment that our Founding Fathers created and  been steadfast to it during his whole life.

I spent a better part of an hour with the Senator and he is a Ronald Reagan kind of leader. Both the Senator and I are big fans of Reagan and his ability to lead. I found that the Senator communicated with me at my level. I felt quite disarmed and comfortable to speak with him. He is an honest and sincere man as ever and he speaks his mind as Reagan did! I am supporting Bob Smith for Senate and have tickets to the Rochester Concert at the fairgrounds on August 29th. If you email me we can make arrangements to get tickets to you for $20 each. My email is erhale@comcast.net , title it Concert Tickets.

Ed Hale


Bob’s Website says under Veterans and Military

Duty,  Honor,  Sacrifice,  Patriotism,  Respect,  Love,  Admiration

“These are the words that come to  mind when I think of American Veterans. My father gave his life in the service of this country during World War II, and my brother and I both served in Vietnam. I understand acutely the sacrifices made by men and women of our armed forces, and their families, every day.”

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration Threatens Our Country, Communities, And Way Of Life



National Security

“Our country must be able to decisively respond to threats from terrorists and hostile regimes that are now, or will soon be, nuclear powers. America must remain a world leader and role model of economic and political freedom.Those seeking to gain prestige or international standing by misrepresenting our actions and beliefs, through state-sponsored terrorism, or by openly hostile gestures, must be met with fierce resistance, not bowed to.

Let me quote my friend former Speaker Newt Gingrich, “I am a hawk, but I’m a tight hawk.” Maintaining our technological superiority has enabled us to keep relatively low force levels without excessive risks. The economic component of our National Security Strategy is equally indispensable to the military component. The Executive Branch, the Congress and industry must be partners with the services in building force capabilities that are the bridge between our current and future forces. When I chaired the Acquisition Subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee, I worked very hard with my colleagues to be sure that we did not squander the “seed corn” of future weapons that we would need to defend our nation and to provide for our troops.”

These are but a few quotes that are from his Website, Please go there NOW!


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