Scott Brown -Liberal Republican and anti-gun – Bob Smith Conservative and Pro Gun

Which would you choose?

Ok, lets say there is a tie vote on the floor of the Senate regarding more restrictions on Semi- Autos and magazine capacity. Who do you want making that call, Scott Brown or Bob Smith?

For the Record we have 20 days left and Scott Brown is a 2 issue candidate for Republicans. Hey Republicans have the Constitution in their talking points but the so called inside Republicans talk little about it. Scott Brown verbalizes little on his 20 Second TV add as to what he is really for  but bangs on Senator Jeanne Shaheen on the Border and on ObamaCare.

We know that he, (Brown) has said he is for restricting the use of Semi- Auto firearms and calls them Assault weapons. Scott being in the military knows full well that a semi- auto firearm has been in use in America for sport and home protection since before WW II. So he is lying to those who do not know the difference.

All in all if you want a conservative Democrat in the Republican Party or a very Liberal Republican vote for Scott Brown. On the other hand if you want a Conservative, Constitution believing Republican vote Bob Smith.

Voting for Brown is a vote against the Second Amendment!

Voting for Smith is a vote for the Constitution and the Second Amendment.

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