New Hampshire Pheasant Hunt Heaven

New Hampshire Pheasant Hunting is easy on the hunters soul. Young hunters, Women, and a gaggle of older hunters and retrievers of all kinds can experience the thrill of the chase. Friendship abounds,dogs are trained and eager to retrieve.  In early October God paints all the trees with crimson, orange and yellow and provides a deep blue canopy overhead with puffy cumulus clouds like cotton balls scattered here and there. It is simply heaven on earth to be outside and part of this hunt. Pheasant stocking programs from NH Fish and Game have existed for years here in New Hampshire.



I did not grow up as a Pheasant hunter as my father was more a deer hunter so my exposure was unfortunate. I gathered with my hunting friend Mike and his retriever Sam shown in the October cover photo. We eventually hooked up with his friends who also have dogs with them on the hunt. Some dogs are well trained and other dogs think that this is a social gathering to smell each other and play.

I found that many older men and their hunting dogs are ardent Pheasant hunters. The truth is that the bond between man and dog is inseparable like the hunter below who’s dog is thirteen years old. What a terrific friendship!



Mike and his dog Sam are equally inseparable as they train together to hunt Pheasants. Sam is a young retriever and is still learning the ropes. His exposure to the hunt and to other hunting dogs will aid greatly. Mike uses whistle commands and a training collar.


The hunt is a way for each to frolic and hunt together.

The truck arrived with birds for release into the NH Fish and Game regulated hunting area covering a very large area with woods and fields and released dozens and dozens of mature male and female pheasants. They take flight near and far some landing as far as a quarter mile away. Some right in front of us.



Some land right in the large fields as hunters wait for the truck to leave before advancing to locate and shoot them on the fly.



And fly they did! All of us decked out in orange were cognizant of our responsibilities for safe gun handling.

We had a great time! Birds were flushing everywhere. I did manage to down my limit of 2 birds.


Here Sam is showing off a Hen. What a mouthful. I got the birds home and prepared them by removing the suptuous breasts and legs to my considerable culinary skills. I saved the tail feather for perhaps a floral display or for fly tying. I am ready to do that again! It was great fun and a way to introduce youth hunters to hunting in general. A very social event or private event as you like it! Good Hunting! © 2014



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