Maine Bear Baiting and Hounds on the Ballot

Here we go again! The crazies have come to rescue the bears. But they don’t need rescuing! Today the bear population is growing faster than wildlife agencies can manage in some cases. In Maine the population numbers around 30,000. By eliminating baiting and hunting with hounds, selectivity of bears taken by hunters can decrease. Seeing the size and sex of a bear up close can aid the hunter to take or to pass. I have hunted bear in Ontario but in fact the bear would say that he hunted me. NRA-ILA reports that money is pouring in on both sides of the issue. Be aware get involved see below. Cute bears grow up to see you as food sooner or later. Just ask the guy who lived with bears in Alaska. He became food along with his girlfriend. Leave the bear management to Maine Fish and Game professionals.

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