NH Pheasant Hunt #2 I’m Late

cropped-DSC_0007.jpgWhat a difference 30 minutes can have when you arrive late to a bird release. I didn’t think I was late nor did my hunting friend Mike. But we were never the less!

That said, these released pheasants were dug in like ticks on a hound. They flew into woods and brush and without a dog to dig them out, it was difficult indeed. I ran into my long time bowhunting friend Dan Williams who is heavy into hunting ducks and pheasant these days with his now champion dog Cody, a Labrador Retriever. Seen below. After the hunt Dan puts Cody through his paces retrieving four training bumpers in a row! One from 150 yards hidden in the woods!

Dan and Cody


Along for training he brought other dogs to learn from Cody and enjoy the field. They did all of that.

Mike’s dog Sam worked the best when he could concentrate away from the other dogs.

Sam Flushed up a pheasant which I downed with a long shot from my goose gun. We saw where the bird went down. In the wood edge we sent Sam in and he found the bird and retrieved well. Nice job Sam and Mike!

We called it a day when a hen shot up in front of other hunters. Both shot, both missed. Mike shot, I shot twice giving too much lead on the first shot. The bird did finally go down and was retrieved. Ultimately I claimed the bird. Here we shall call him the community bird as we all took a shot and laughed at ourselves. We were thankful that retrievers were there to pick up where shooting skill was not “at its best” for that bird anyhow.

Camaraderie was in full blossom! Dogs too! A wonderful day afield! © 2014


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