Deer Track Stew? Coyotes Eating Your Venison Again?

Not very tasty, I can assure you.  Some guy with hoofs on a stick puts them every where? Doesn’t this guy sleep? As a kid that is sometimes what I thought when hunting with my Dad.

Really, I did see a small doe and a yearling in my crosshairs the other day and let them pass. I have been inoculating my hunting spot with estrous deer scent and yesterday I see that an adult buck is showing interest. Nearby rubs are on 2 to 3 inch saplings and scrapes are nearby too. I will add an update with photos of the rub.  I put some estrous scent on the scrapes and hope that this buck finds it. Back to this spot in the afternoon? Meantime I promise the wife to button up the yard even better for the winter snow.

I have seen no new deer droppings in oak groves deep in the woods but I have seen old and new Coyote dung piles everywhere the deer are. In fact I see coyote tracks following deer incessantly. Coyotes are eating my deer and yours! Remember Coyotes are 1/3 Wolf here in the Northeast proven by genetic analysis. The Coyotes are larger, bigger jaws for crushing bone.

Huntin’ Notes early November

First of muzzle loader season was a bust with that Nor Easter but finally getting out some. Used my fawn bleat and attracted a big fat Coyote who turned tail and ran when he saw me. Seeing mediocre deer sign in southern NH. Deer are there but need to be pushed to see them. Not seeing deer! That will happen in the opening weekend of regular firearms season next week. Rut is approaching peak by the 15th to 20th by my reckoning. Now is a great time to rattle up a buck.  I tried it day before yesterday but no luck. Use a grunt call too in combo with doe in estrus. Got to stick with the technique if it is to work.

Stay clean and as scentless as you can. I am trying too.  I wear a camo face mask if on stand and don’t spook the squirrels who can signal danger. Good Hunting!