Calls for Coyote Hunters

Coyote calls come in mouth calls and electronic calls of every shape, size and cost. Here is a sampling of just a few. Good Hunting!

Below is an electronic Johnny Stewart Caller With Remote.that has several Coyote prey animals. The key here is set up, no movement and be sure you are down wind say the experts. Coyotes want to circle you if possible to catch your scent.

I own a similar model and it works with remote out to 100 yards.Costs about $37 on sale.

Jonny Stewart Predator Call

Jonny Stewart Predator Call

Midwayusa has the Primos Randy Anderson Coyote Female whimper predator call for $14 plus shipping. It comes with CD instruction.

See all of Randy’s calls at Primos

PRIMOS HUNTING - Female Whimper™

Knight and Hale Calls

Heckln Howler Coyote Call


Below is the Foxpro Wildfire

FOXPRO Wildfire WF!




Time to hunt New Hampshire Coyote’s

A New Hampshire Coyote

A New Hampshire Coyote

Now is the time to hunt Coyotes here in the Northeast say the experts. I am not an expert Coyote hunter, just a ticked off deer hunter giving more venison to coyotes. The New Hampshire deer herd has been impacted to a measurable degree as deer sightings are few and far in between. If you got your deer, congrats! I let the two smaller deer in my sights go this fall. What was common however was to see Coyote scat and tracks on every trail this fall. This scat is territorial marking by Coyotes and often more than one was following a deer. Since deer are so scarce and the Coyotes so prevalent, it should be an opportunity to shoot your rifle even in Southern NH. I highly recommend you go onto you-tube on the internet and see as many Coyote hunting videos as you can. Especially eastern hunts for coyotes in the kind of terrain you will be hunting in. What I have gleaned from these videos and talks on hunting them, I will share here. Perhaps you can write back to me and share your thoughts with NH Rifleman readers too. Get you NH hunting license at and read up on Coyote hunting rules.

First, like deer,detection of movement and smell are of prime importance says one expert thus your positioning to the wind and to remain still is critical. Camo is important but these are first. Placing your stand downwind from where you expect to see coyotes is critical because coyotes often try to circle downwind to detect you and you can then detect their approach hopefully first. I use a face mask like I do for turkey hunting. If you want to go white to look like snow then you are going to blend but I think a poncho of simple white is cost effective and will not kill your check book. You can purchase white camo yardage for $ 5.99 a yard or less. You can also use an old white sheet or such for free.

Second, that your howling call, to call them in, needs to be practiced in accordance with what a real coyote will sound like, so listen to recordings and experts. See you-tube videos.  Many callers will bark once and howl, followed by two barks and a howl. Better yet is to have two callers with different howls thus making the call series perhaps more enticing.

Electronic calls are excellent like the dying rabbit or a bird or a mouse etc. Hand held mouth calls for howling and dying animals are also excellent. Below is a you tube worth watching.


Third, that you are ready perhaps with a shooting stick to steady your rifle. Calibers can be the same you hunt deer but many choose smaller calibers such as a potent 22 caliber long rifle or the .223 in an AR like rifle or a .243 Winchester in your favorite manufacture like Savage model 110 or perhaps the Ruger American. Shoot the ammo you have for it unless you are all-in-full into the hunting of predators. I will use my Ruger American in .243 Winchester. It is sub-moa accurate and is very cost effective as a rifle and the ammo too. See my article on the Ruger American in the history part of NH Rifleman.

Here is another coyote video to get you excited by a young man called the Coyote Kid. He uses the Firestorm by Foxpro. About $200 for this electronic call. His rifle is a Weatherby in 243 Winchester with 65 grain heads.


If you are hunting in thicker woods use a 12 gauge with 00 buckshot too. I will check back in this winter. Not an easy thing but we CAN do it if we work at it!


Go get em! Good Hunting! © 2014



.270 Winchester vs 7mm Remington Magnum – December 2017 update

The .270 Winchester Cartridge is based on the 30-06 as its parent cartridge case.

7mm Rem.jpg

Wikipedia image :

The 7mm Remington Magnum is based on the .375 H&H magnum case.

First things first, on closer inspection we find that the 7mm bullet is really a 7.2 mm bullet making it .284 inches in diameter. The .270 isn’t really .270 inches in diameter either, it is .277 inches in diameter. The difference in diameter is a mere .007 inches. So given that minor difference what is the real difference? First and foremost the 7mm was designed to shoot not only heavier bullets but at the .270 150 grain weights which shoot at 2800 fps, the 7mm shoots them at 2900 fps gaining 100 fps on average. A gain yes but really not significant, at least to me.  If you are trying to maximize the range and wring out all possible down range energy and distance at say 400 to 500 yards, the 7mm has a slight edge. If you are going to stay in the 300 yard range, the 7 mm only gains 25 yards over the .270 in a calculation of max point blank range. Are you going to quibble over 25 yards? Where the 7mm earnes its paycheck is at 160 to 175 grains exiting the barrel at 2900 fps and 2800 fps respectively and for game that are elk size at 450 yards with 1500 ft-lbs or 155 yards for Moose with the 175 grain bullet delivering 2500 ft-lbs. The .270 is at its best at 130 to 150 grain bullets killing Elk with 130 grain bullets out to 360 yards, deer at 505 yards say some sources. The 140 grain 7mm bullet kills deer out to 575 yards a gain of delivered energy and only picked up 70 yards.

All that said, powder being increasingly expensive, if you want it all, every lick of distance, and have money to burn, the 7mm wins but by very little except for 160 and 175 grains where the 7mm has an edge for bigger game like Moose and better sectional density. But if you were going to hunt larger game regularly, the 7mm is not the caliber of choice. A .300 Winchester Magnum is better with a bullet selection that goes from 140 grains to 200 grains and more versatile or the .338 Winchester magnum where the 200 grain .338 delivers 3800 ft-lbs at the muzzle at 2955 fps. Now we are talking about how to handle recoil in a serious way too. In my case I skipped the lesser 30 caliber and went for the .338 Win Mag in Africa and later to the .375 Ruger. Currently my 2 gun battery is the .243 Winchester 6.5 Creedmoor or .270 Win (not in my gun cabinet today) and the .375 Ruger and both wear Pachmayr Decelerator pads that cut felt recoil in half. Making both guns easy to shoot.

If you have the “money to play” then own them all. If you are strictly a deer hunter then the .270 is the most widely used, and most effective besides its parent the 30-06 cartridge. Reloading brass from the 30-06 to .270 is easy and very cost effective and cases are everywhere. For Moose its max range is 150 yards and deer with 130 grain spitzers at 500 yards with 3000 ft/sec at the muzzle. From a practical cost effective application deer hunting standpoint the .270 is the winner between them. From a versatility standpoint and wider application the 7mm wins too. It is all about what you hunt and the max ranges you encounter. When I hunted Africa (see my book in the magazine header) I took the .270 and a .338 Win. Mag and hand-loaded them with Nosler Partitions® resulting in one shot kills and shooting no farther than 250 yards.

I have fallen for the 6.5 Creedmoor in 2017 to partner with the 375 Ruger which took a bison at 100 or so yards. The .270 and 6.5 Creedmoor are nearly identical and either will work superbly for their intended quarry as Winchester game classification as CXP3 rifles. Below is a bison I took with the .375 Ruger and 260 grain Nosler AccuBonds traveling over 2600 fps. The AccuBond entered at the last rib on the right and angled forward through heart and lungs and exited the far left shoulder breaking bone.

Good Hunting! © 2014 and 2017


Buttermilk Venison and Spices etc.

Here sweetheart, I said to my new wife years ago, try this venison. Ewe she says, tastes so strong and wild and gamy, you eat it…

On the whole, a deer killed quickly and gutted on the spot without damage to intestines will produce great venison meat. Even so some deer eat browse that makes the meat taste strong. Cutting the tarsal glands off your buck is a myth to enhance flavor. Just don’t touch them when handling venison meat as they have a very strong odor that can detract from your meat taste.

So the quest begins, how do you tame the gamy taste? It is the blood that is in the meat that largely carries the gamy taste, so removing the blood in the meat can reduce greatly those strong tastes. The use of milk and buttermilk to soak your meat overnight is a way to draw blood into the milk and buttermilk and carry away much of that gamy taste. A close friend of mine does this with all venison cuts invariably and has had great success with it because she also learned that buttermilk in particular has enzymes that also tenderize the meat.  Lesson learned decades later. See this website 

I use buttermilk or milk to soak when I know the history of the cuts from a particular deer have been too strong tasting. For example a big buck that was shot at the end of November after chasing does for miles and miles and who was eating cedar browse tastes like cedar and has a very strong taste and the meat is tough as shoe leather needs  buttermilk. All else fails, It is best to grind this meat and add it to say beef recipes as a percentage or use it in spaghetti sauces else it will sit forever in your freezer.

Here is a photo of a large piece of rear leg venison I am cutting into steaks for freezing.

venison steaks



Also, I make it a habit of freezing my venison as a way of aging and degassing the meat. New fresh cuts of venison I have found can be strong in flavor but aged for a month or more in the freezer in vacuum sealed bags can also greatly improve flavor and reduce gamy tastes.



I appreciate spices to bring out the flavor of meat, not mask it. A cook book that I bought as a gift years ago for a friend was full of recipes that used Juniper Berry. See the site below.


Later I found a mustard rub that worked to hold moisture in my roasts but I don’t go wild to herb the dickens out of my venison. I like its taste to remain in the forefront of my palate and not masked to hide it. There are plenty of spices to enhance the flavor of game like Juniper, Cumin, Mustard seed, sage, thyme, turmeric etc.


I also enjoy Montreal Steak seasoning found it the spice isle of your local supermarket.

Grill Mates® Montreal Steak Seasoning

I use it on grilled venison steaks medium rare and sprinkle a bit on it after cooking. The spices in this seasoning are spectacular to bring out meat flavor but I would never use it as a rub, some do, because it is too salty and spicy for me. I use it sparingly.

I only touched on tenderizing here but let me say that pressure cooking venision is the surest way to make a tender venison stew. I use an Electric Pressure cooker that takes only 10 to 15 minutes under pressure to create meat that will just fall apart and melt in your mouth. My family owns this Cuisenart  6 quart below. Cost $130 and worth every penny if you love stew. It will brown meat, then pressure cook vegetables too and will simmer or keep stew warm. Clean-up is a breeze as the inserted pot comes right out for easy cleaning. A great gift idea.

Product Details

Lastly, make every effort to vacuum seal all of your meat. It can remain for years under vacuum and just months if just wrapped in meat paper.

Good Eating! © 2014

Dutch Oven Venison Chili

dutch oven with deer antlers


Chili recipes are many, but this one is just the best. Dutch Ovens have been used by New England Settlers for hundreds of years. A flange lid was added to keep the coals of the fire on the lid and out of the food.  (My family has been cooking fish and wild game on the New England shores for 375 years, like you, I am proud to carry on the tradition to cook and serve wild game to family and friends that I killed by my own hands with bow or rifle.) Today Dutch Ovens are also ceramic coated and provide an ideal way to makes stew’s and chili. If you don’t have a Dutch oven use a 4 quart or larger pot with a lid and cook it on the stove-top, that works just fine, no worries, my hunting and culinary friends.

One thing we know about venison, there is almost no fat in the meat. Ground venison is almost 100% lean meat, a good thing for making this chili but some fat is needed to carry flavor so I use bacon as do many chili recipes out there.  I use three or 4 strips of lightly smoked bacon ( hickory smoked works well) and chop it up or slice thin.

The venison is best when rough ground as it has lots of body to the meat. The first time I made this recipe this year I used ground turkey and it came out fabulous, it is hard to screw up this recipe. Of course you can use beef, and I have, just skim off the excess fat if you use 85% lean beef.

2 lbs of ground Venison

3/4 tsp Salt

1 tsp Black Pepper

1 Tbsp Garlic powder or 4 to 6 garlic cloves chopped fine.

2 to 3 medium yellow onions chopped

1 large bell pepper chopped

2 Tbsp Chili Powder

1 tsp Chipoltle pepper Powder (smoky flavor) (optional)

1/4 tsp Cayenne pepper (use 1/2 tsp Cayanne if no Ancho pepper is used)

1/4 tsp Ancho pepper (optional) (sweet, medium hot and smokey)

1 tbsp whole Cumin Seed or 1 1/2 tsp powdered Cumin

1 tsp dry mustard (Coleman’s)

1 tsp Oregano

1 large 28 oz can of crushed tomatoes in pure’ ( not diced, too soupy)

1 tbsp sugar or 2 tablespoons molasses (richer flavor)

1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce.(remember to shake before pouring)

2 cans of red kidney beans. I use a can of light red kidney and a can of dark red kidney for looks. There are other beans that work here too, like navy beans and black beans. Experiment and be creative!


Cook the chopped bacon in the pot until it begins to fry and render the fat. Add 2 pounds venison (more or less)  to the pot with the salt and pepper and cook medium heat till the meat begins to brown. Break up the meat with a wood spatula if it clumps.  Add chopped onion and green pepper and spices and stir. Some recipes toast the spices, mustard,pepper spices,tyme, oregano and Cumin in a separate pan till it smokes. You can do this too if you wish. I find that it makes more pans to wash and does not add much in the way of flavor. The Chipoltle and Ancho spice adds a smoke flavor all by themselves.

Add the crushed tomatoes, Worcester sauce, sugar or molasses, three cups of water, stir and bring to a boil then reduce heat so it is just bubbling on low heat for 1 hour then add the beans or cook on the stove-top (my method with lid on) on low heat for 1 hour so the chili is just bubbling. This is a great camp wood stove recipe too as you can simmer on a wood stove for hours. Simmer for another 30 minutes and check for spice and salt to add before serving. It is the savory flavor of cumin that really makes this dish come alive. Some folks like it really hot, not me so place cumin, salt, pepper and hot pepper on the table to doctor your own piping hot bowl. Garnish your bowl of chili with shredded cheese, a dollop of sour cream and fresh chopped cilantro or sliced hot green peppers, and serve with your favorite bread. Great for a cold winter night! Wow! I am getting hungry just writing this…

Enjoy! ©2014



You can use a cup of beer and two cups water to bring to boil instead of just water. Or you can substitute beef stock for the water. It is tough to ruin this dish most you can do is to make the recipe yours!









A new Remington 783 Rifle with a Leupold Scope for Christmas?

I would consider the Remington 783 based on this excellent “American Rifleman” article below the picture. It is cost-effective, works well and is accurate. Similar in mass manufacture to the Ruger American, a rifle for a hunter who want a hunters rifle and not break the bank. Retail is around $400 or so.  I would add a Leupold Scope, see below.

Model 783

Spec’s from web site

Full Specs
Caliber Average Weight (lbs.) Barrel Length (in.) Overall Length (in.) Twist Status Note Order #
243 Win 7.375 22″ 41.625″ 9.125″ Current 85832
270 Win. 7.2 22″ 42 5/8″ 10″ Current 85834
30-06 Springfield 7.2 22″ 42 5/8″ 10″ Current 85836
308 Win 7 22″ 42 1/8″ 10″ Current 85837
7mm Remington Mag 7.3 24″ 44 5/8″ 9 1/4″ Current 85838
300 Win Mag 7.375 24″ 44.625″ 10″ New 85839
243 Win 7.125 20″ 38.625″ 9.125″ New COMP 85850
308 Win 7.125 20″ 38.625″ 10″ New COMP 85851
(LEFT) Left Hand   (COMP) Compact   (SPEC) Special Run   (TAC) Tactical   (DISC) Discontinued

I would recommend a Leupold Scope for this rifle. A VX-1, VX-2 or VX-3 is the ticket.

From the Leupold Web site:

  • VX-1 RiflescopesVX-1 Riflescopes

    There’s much to tell about our new VX®-1, but here’s how the story ends: No other scope in its class comes even close the the quality, performance, and value of VX-1. With our revolutionary Quantum Optical System, with lead-free glass and Multicoat 4 lens coatings, the result is up to 92% total light transmission, and a sight picture that is incredibly bright, clear and razor sharp. Better have one atop your favorite rifle.

    VX-2 RiflescopesVX-2 Riflescopes

    The VX®-2 is one of our most popular lines of riflescopes, for reasons that become clear to anyone who picks one up. It’s packed full of useful features, including precise ¼-MOA finger click adjustments; the Quantum Optical System with Index Matched™ lens coatings for exceptional image brightness and clarity; externally threaded fast-focus eyepiece; tactile power indicator; and for the first time, the option of our Custom Dial System™ in select models. The VX®-2 is built to meet the demands of today’s serious hunters and shooters.

  • VX-3 RiflescopesVX-3 Riflescopes

    We pushed everything to the limit to make the VX®-3 at home on your favorite rifle, whether you are hunting whitetail from a treestand, or stalking sheep in rugged terrain. We’ve loaded the VX-3 with optical technology: Xtended Twilight Lens System, DiamondCoat 2 lens coating, blackened lens edges, second generation waterproofing, twin bias spring erector system, and cryogenically treated adjustments. It’s all there to help you make the shots of a lifetime.

Coyote Talk

coyote in winter

Post Deer Season, hunters can hunt Coyotes with rifle in most parts of Southern NH (See NHFG for Details). Coyotes, I believe are eating the fawn crop as fast as they drop. Deer hunting in southern NH is about as poor as I have ever seen. I saw a yearling with its mother this hunting season with no other sightings of any deer of any kind front or back side. I spent perhaps 40 woods hours at prime time to see these 2 deer. Yet at the same time, I observe coyote tracks on one specific smaller deer, likely a doe in estrous in Mid November and followed her everywhere. Some research on the web indicates that Coyotes do not den up unless raising pups. They can sleep in the open. I had a big male Coyote come to a fawn bleat this fall. He was stalking me till I saw him first for just a second and he was gone in a flash. If you are going to Coyote hunt this winter, I wish you good hunting!

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Hunters

Make it a Merry Christmas with Stocking Stuffers for your Hunter!

Hand Warmers




SecurityIng® Waterproof LED 1200 Lumens 3 Modes Super Bright Titanium Flashlight Torch With Stainless Steel Bezel Coated Case, XM-L U2 Bulb LED Light Lamp Torch for Hiking, Camping,Hunting and Other Indoor/Outdoor Activities

battery head lamps

a good thermos

hats, gloves and mittens for shooting in cold weather like Pop Top’sMossy Oak Men's Pop-Top Gloves


hunting video’s (tons out there)

topographical software for hunters like Garmin or Delorme

Higher on the dollar item list would be spotting scopes,

20X-60x80 Zoom Spotting Scope w/Tripod


Nikon Aculon A211 10x42 Binoculars - Dick's Sporting Goods


rangefinders by Leupold ,Nikon, Bushnell for example.

Nikon Aculon AL11 Rangefinder - Dick's Sporting GoodsLeupold RX-1000i TBR with DNA Digital Laser Rangefinder - Mossy Oak Break-Up - Dick's Sporting GoodsBushnell Scout DX 1000 ARC Laser Rangefinder - Dick's Sporting Goods

scope covers to keep moisture out like Butler Creek products

Anti-fogging solutions for scope glass

Anti-Fog Kit for Glasses, Sunglasses, Ski Goggles, Gun Scopes, Binoculars, Eyewear, Sun Glasses, Sunnies, Anti Fog, Sunglasses CleanerScope Dope Lens Cleaner Anti-Fog

Blue Compound for rusty barrels

Product Details

A new full length cleaning rod. Tipton, Dewey or BoreTech

Bore Stix

a gun care bench vise e.g. Tipton

bench rest devices that improve stability at the range like Caldwell Products

Product Details

Electronic trigger pull gages

Lyman Trigger Pull Gage

a set of torque wrenches like the Fat Wrench

Wheeler Engineering FAT (Firearm Accurizing Torque) Torque Wrench Screwdriver

hunter laundry soap, body wash etc.




For Coyote hunting get rabbit calls and Coyote calls that are hand held or electronic.


That is just a start for now!