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coyote in winter

Post Deer Season, hunters can hunt Coyotes with rifle in most parts of Southern NH (See NHFG for Details). Coyotes, I believe are eating the fawn crop as fast as they drop. Deer hunting in southern NH is about as poor as I have ever seen. I saw a yearling with its mother this hunting season with no other sightings of any deer of any kind front or back side. I spent perhaps 40 woods hours at prime time to see these 2 deer. Yet at the same time, I observe coyote tracks on one specific smaller deer, likely a doe in estrous in Mid November and followed her everywhere. Some research on the web indicates that Coyotes do not den up unless raising pups. They can sleep in the open. I had a big male Coyote come to a fawn bleat this fall. He was stalking me till I saw him first for just a second and he was gone in a flash. If you are going to Coyote hunt this winter, I wish you good hunting!

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