Nikon Scope Initial Repair Experience

Shooting friends, I was in the deer woods last year with my Muzzle Loader and discovered my favorite Nikon ProStaff 2-7 x 32mm rifle scope was fogging up inside the lens when the temperature change from house to cold deer woods. It surely restricted my shooting to around 30 yards or less. I shot rifles with this scope all the previous summer in warm weather where water could not condense so it was not an issue.

Ok so today I went on line and found a Nikon web site and phone number and had to listen to the menu. I pushed option 5 for repair and was given instruction  to send back but nothing about warranties and no human being so I hung up and redialed the same number and hit option 4 all other products and got a man who had a western US accent, and was familiar with my Scope. Said my issue was likely an o-ring and lost nitrogen. It was covered under lifetime warranty after owning since 2009 or so but took all my info and the serial # of the scope and updated his file as I was not registered with the scope, I was registered with a camera however. A very pleasant experience…thus far.

I was given instructions via email to pack it up in a larger box than original with bubble wrap and send it for repair which I have not done yet. Turn around is 7 to 10 days.

Stay Tuned…

Lesson learned: I was lucky I was near home!  If you are going to hunt far away in cold weather, put your scope in the freezer for a few hours to simulate a cold day to see if water vapor has entered the scope and fogs up.  That might help prevent a bad hunting experience. Can you imagine seeing the buck of a lifetime and having a fogged up scope? A bad dream for sure… I might just do that yearly with all my scopes that get exposed to cold and rain but do it near the time to hunt with that scope….© 2105


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