Scouting for Tom Turkey

Today after a morning rain the sun came out and brought a delicious taste of spring with it. My new used hunting truck (a 2001 F150 Lariat) had some more work done to fix the rust-out of my radiator frame, now all new (yea it cost me but it was worth it)  so I took it on a Turkey scouting trip and went a little off-road with it. Nice and solid when off road. Nice!


Just like in deer hunting you look for food sources, mating areas, and in the case of Turkeys you look for roosting areas. I carried my .243 Win in case a coyote was spotted.


I struck pay dirt and found great turkey sign. I was able to leave my jacket in the truck. The peepers in every swamp puddle was going bananas making that wonderful springtime noise. The NHFG department believes there are approximately 40,000 turkeys now in New Hampshire. Opening day is May 3 thru 31st for Gobbler season. Be sure to pattern your shotgun and load. Ok this paper turkey is dead as the head and spine are engulfed in shot at 30 yards.


I located a few trees to sit against and where the turkeys appeared to be moving.

Get ready and be sure to spray your clothes with Permethrin to ward off ticks and let them fully dry before wearing them. I have a friend that has been so bitten that he is afraid to go out, but he did not use Permethrin. I swear by it! It works! You still need to do a tick check!



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