Savage 11/111 LR Rifle Arrived for Testing

The long awaited Savage model 11/111 Long Range Rifle in 7mm Remington Magnum has arrived and in excellent shape thanks to the heavy double boxing methods they use.


The scope mount bases on the rifle are a Weaver style with slotted bases. I will be testing this rifle with the VX-6 3-18 44mm CDS Illuminated Boone and Crockett as the add says ZERO TO 600 IN ONE SECOND. This is not just a scope it is a  visionary light amplifying, magnifying, crystal clear to count antler points and scope your game from zero to 600 yards before squeezing the trigger kinda scope. Yea but it is not for everyone, it is for the hunter that wants it all, the very best in spades, anywhere on the Planet. More on it too!



Installation of the scope, which has a 30mm tube requires rings that will fit the Weaver base and high enough for the 44mm Objective lens to clear. My friends at Leupold are fast shipping a pair of correctly fitting rings so I can begin testing. Patience is a virtue and a good hunter must have patience. I hope to be at the range next week with it. I am hand loading rounds for it according to SAAMI specifications.

More Soon! I do have plans for this rifle and Scope combo that are equal to the tasks they can accomplish.

Thanks to my friends at State Line Guns Ammo and Archery, an FFL dealer, for receiving my rifle and the FFL paperwork. I highly recommend them, fast, friendly and knowledgeable!

Ed Hale – Editor/ Owner

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