Invisible Rifle – Updated

Ok not Invisible but very well camouflaged I said: but to game animals a shiny barrel or stock is like putting a reflective mirror on it! I bet that Game from far away as 600 -1000 yards and more yards can notice it. Duh! Do you like camouflage on your turkey shotgun? Why not your rifle too if it has a synthetic stock. I have been putting camo on my rifles for years with high quality camo tape. My wood stocked rifles got removable camo tape on the barrel and help me get closer to wary game while on my African Safari.



Now you can camo your whole rifle, shotgun, scope, truck and more. I like Mossy Oak Graphics at their website below are video instructions how to camo your rifle.


camo rifle 2


Another camo method I have used below on my wooden stocked rifles  is  McNett Camo Form™ Protective Camouflage Gun Wraps and they are easily put on and easily removed. It is very thick and protective too.

camo rifle 1

Allen Company offers Cloth Camo tape. One of the most cost effective hunting purchases you will ever make. Ok your gonna hunt Brown Bear with a Mirror barrel and stocked Rifle? And get one right? Ok you might, but with a un-mirrored camo barrel you maybe could have shot a real record brown bear instead of an OK bear. Hunting trophy game is measured in covering the minutia of what could spook the game. Smell, sight, sound etc. Or seeing a keeper buck instead of a fork horn.

camo tape

Don’t forget to camo your scope too. I will be doing that this fall as I have not in the past. Why? Cause I was not thinking clearly! More on Camo for game…© 2105

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