Nosler Expansion Tip Solid Copper Hunting Bullets


When I have a need for speed, I choose Nosler Bullets like on my African Safari, my Moose Hunt and my Bison Buffalo hunt and whitetail hunts. Nosler bullets are proven by millions of hunters to bring home the game. Of course you have to do your part and put the bullet in the vitals.

I have both 140 grain and 150 grain Nosler E-TIPS to test with the Savage 11/111 Long Range Rifle in 7mm Remington Magnum.  In fact I shot a few today with loads I am working up for hunting. I  used IMR 4831 pushing these pills at around 3020 fps.

etip image 3

The E-TIP or Expansion Tip Bullet is one of the finest Hunting Bullets in the World. It is solid gilding Copper and not a drop of lead to be found. It is soft enough to expand in game and hard enough not to leave copper in your barrel. I have been shooting E-Tips for years and I just love them for accuracy. I will take them hunting this fall for whitetails.

Data from JBM Ballistics Software provides the following results based on a Muzzle Velocity of a 150 grain bullet at 3020 fps and a BC of .498 (G1).

Max Point Blank Range is 300 yards for a 6 inch target.

Range of maximum height 145 yards 3 inches high.

Max PBR Zero is 256 yards.

Energy at 300 yards is 2044 ft-lbs

Velocity at 300 yards is 2477 fps.

This is a recipe for putting your deer down but pronto from zero to 300 yards with a shot to the vitals.  WOW!!!

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