On the .375 Ruger Guide Gun a Reader Writes…

On the .375 a Reader Writes…I have recently acquired a .375 Ruger GG,Guide Gun and was wondering if you’d be kind enough to share load data? I’ve read your reviews on this cartridge and some of the loads mentioned. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in getting started, especially with reduced power practice loads.

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Ed wrote back:

Congratulations! You have the rifle that can take the Planet’s game, if you reload, from rabbits to elephant. I can honestly shoot full power loads Nosler or Hornady 260 or 300 grain loads in my t-shirt when standing or using African shooting sticks and I am an older man. The gun pushes more that it kicks. Using the best recoil pad helps to reduce felt recoil up to 50 to 70%. Reduced Load data is hard to find or in fact for some loads non-existent. Are you familiar with .375 H & H Magnum “reduced load” data by Hornady? If so, that data may be helpful like it was for me. Unfortunately, I cannot share exactly what worked in one rifle that may not work in another one. The heartening part I found was that taken in baby steps, I never had a problem in working up a load and you shouldn’t either. I killed a red deer doe at 190 pounds on the hoof at 50 yards with the 225 flat nose with a starting load. She went 20 feet and piled up with a hole in her heart the size of my thumb and it exited the doe. There was so little recoil and the report was without the mighty crack of the rifle that my guide 200 yards away never heard the gun go off. It was like I was shooting my muzzle loader.

Mid-power loads are already published. Look into the Speer 235 grain Hot Core as a mid load and extrapolate starting loads, if you are so skilled.

It is when I am at the bench hunched over the rifle and locked in so-to-speak that can hurt, so I use a Simms Limbsaver® shoulder pad and a Pachmayr Decelerator® recoil pad to make the felt recoil so tame. You have found a great rifle and cartridge. Wow is it accurate! Enjoy! Good Luck! You will be just fine if you are a veteran reloader.

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