What is in my Deer Hunting Backpack ?

Let us assume your hunt is all day with Rifle up Northern NH in a new hunting area you scouted with a friend. It is about a half mile off main roads. It is vital that someone, wife or friend know exactly where you are hunting and what vehicle you are taking, license plate info and color/make of your vehicle. As I am older now, I would hunt with a friend that is able bodied.

Here is what in my pack that I carry with me.

Medical First Aid Kit

Lets begin with a First Aid Kit that has bandages, large and small, antibiotic ointment, gauze and tape. Ibuprofen for pain. And a supply of one day of any prescriptions.

A note of who I am, phone numbers, medical conditions has been missing from my pack in early hunts – I have added it.

Hand/foot warmers Space blanket to hold heat in your body

Cell Phone or W Talkie if no reception

Map and Compass/GPS if you have one.

Knife (sharp)

matches/lighter and fire starter sticks

Flashlight or headlamp

Hunt Licenses

Pencil/Pen for filling out your tag

Glove kit for cleaning your deer

Water for hydration/Water giardia filter for use in streams.

Matches or lighter and fire starter.

Drag Rope

orange flag tape

Extra Ammo.

Food that has little weight such as protein bars and candy bars and gorp like snacks.

Lunch food such as sandwiches.

Toilet paper. Orange if you can find it.

Bandanna for sweat or to use as a bandage.

Note: If you are with other hunters in a group you may want to shorten this list if you are going to be in a spot for only 2 or 3 hours and your team knows where you are.

Core items:

Medical First aid

Identification and phone numbers


Map and Compass

License & pencil


drag rope

toilet paper

flag tape

extra ammo

phone or talkie






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