What is under my Christmas Tree?

What’s under my Tree?

Santa thought,  now is a good time without going into detail. Nuff said? I agree! My firearm that Santa gave is a civilian AR model hybrid of an upper unit mated to a lower unit. I had the upper and Santa provided the lower after my background check at the FFL dealer. But it could be that you got a semi-auto pistol for conceal carry as well. See your local Police to obtain a permit!

Congratulations and… Incumbent on the owner is to become trained in the firearm use and care and to maintain safety at all times. The ownership of any gun carries with it great responsibility.

On the safety issue, it is vital that under that Christmas tree comes with the knowledge that all firearms should be under lock and stored safely, preferably in a Gun Safe or stored in such a way that children and the bad guys do not have access. Keep your bullets in another place is recommended when stored away.

Use of locks that thread through the breech are also an inexpensive way to make it safe helps too and are provided with new purchases. Use them if a Gun Safe is not immediately available but a gun safe should be one of your highest priorities.

Taking this kind of rifle to the range should be done by someone already familiar with it or have a friend that has experience with one.

If you are a member of a Shooting Club or Fish and Game Club, like I am then you should have access to safety handling and training with your firearm. If you are not a member of NRA or a local Club you should tackle that as a priority. Get this one done, as they say in the TV add!

If you are like me, you will want to be highly skilled in the use of any gun. Read, study and train. Regular use of this kind of firearm and training is necessary for optimum performance.

More Later! Be safe have fun and Merry Christmas!

Thank you Santa!



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