Why get a modern day carbine like the AR-15?

Because you want one, AND the right to bear arms is guaranteed under the Second Amendment! The only reason to get today’s civilian version of the AR-15 is that you desire to own and shoot one. I am first and foremost a hunter who shoots targets too. And to protect my family and home.

It was and still is the political left that wants to take guns away along with your second amendment rights.

We must endeavor to stay up to par with the marksmanship and shooting skills of our military. Civilian Marksmanship and Hunters are the prime contributors to our military during wartime. The finest of the worlds snipers cut their shooting teeth in the deer woods.

Even though the AR-15 civilian version is simply a semi-auto like many guns of the post WW II era, it is very accurate, little recoil and shoots with a 20 or 30 round  magazine. It evens up the disparity of military vs civilian rifles significantly. The AR-15 in some barrels allow bullets in the 75 to 80 grain class thus the deer hunter can use it effectively too. Reloading the .223 Remington is a  must for deer and predator hunters so that you can optimize bullet performance on game and keep shot cost down.

I am no expert on this rifle per se as it requires study to master its value. I have found, however a nice nested group of articles for you to read by Scott Powers of Sniper Country. Enjoy!

Guns when not in use are securely locked in safe place and away from any unauthorized use.


Reloading for Quality and Volume with a RCBS Turret Press?

I have been a hunter and RCBS Brand reloader all of my life, that said, there comes a time when you are target shooting that volume of ammo becomes a factor as in my AR-15 223/5.56mm Carbine. It will go through a hundred rounds in minutes.  There is a shooter fancy with long distance too with volume. My RCBS Rockchucker press has its place but not where volume of shooting is concerned. I have asked RCBS to send one of its best turret presses to NH Rifleman for testing and will write about it this spring/ summer.



NH Rifleman is a free on-line magazine, we make no profit here. I will let you know what they say. Can you imagine the exposure for RCBS to write about them each time I test a new cartridge or rifle? Yes it can have a down side but over the years RCBS has treated me well.

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Duck Dynasty – Willie Goes Trump! Update

The Robertson’s are as earthy as you can get. Religion, belief in God, Family,  Guns, and hunting go for both Cruz and Trump. Willie goes Trump!


But wait just a few days later Donald hates Fox and Megn Kelly so much that he can’t deal with her on a debate stage or even talk to Roger Ailes?

Is that a real leader? A leader to lead our country? I can imagine Phil Robertson in face camo heading to the duck blind saying to Willie, Well I told you so!



Winter doldrums? Buying ammo and accessories for my Colt .223/5.56mm Carbine! by Ed Hale

Brrr it’s cold out. Stuck inside? Now is the time to stock up for your shooting needs for Coyote and Target. I have been researching best ammo prices for my new .223/5.56 Colt LE 6940 carbine upper with chrome lined barrel seen below. I have an inexpensive Tasco Red/ Green Aim Point on it with 3 moa dot. Cost $37 dollars last year and sat in my safe but will eventually get a better Red/ Green dot or at least try others like the EOTech holographic at a cost of $400-$500 dollars but we shall see there are so many out there. We need to be penny wise and not pound foolish.

Rifle accuracy is amazing but no target data to show yet. I will switch to a scope for longer range testing this summer.

Ed's Colt Carbine

I am pleased that I was able to find decent bargains on bulk 55 grain ammo for my 1/7 twist barrel. At some point I will likely reload the .223 brass and play with heavier bullets for velocity and penetration on game. Since this rifle has few accessories, I purchased a 2 point sling and picatinny sling attachments and a picatinny adapter for a Harris Bipod forward lug. Also got a bore snake for barrel care just for the .223. Notice the forward hand grip that drops at a 45 degrees on the forward rail. This is so the shooter has a good grip for muzzle control.



Does a new rifle with all the marksman attributes make you a marksman? By Ed Hale

If you just bought a race car and drove it around, would that would make you a race car driver? Nope! What if you drove it in a bona fide race; Would that would make you a race car driver? Yes, I think so, but put Richard Petty in a good car and you in the best car and who has the advantage. I put my money on Richard Petty because he has real world experience behind the wheel. So lets put you in 100 NASCAR Races, does that change your experience? Sure does!

Shooting by the same token, like racing takes experience behind the rifle. If you have not been trained however you could turn out to be just a mediocre shot after years of improper practice and have ingrained poor habits.

For the hunter, there is more to learn than shooting at stationary paper targets. Wild game standing still may last long enough for a shot but may not. Some times we do dumb things like hunting with a trigger that is too heavy. I know I have done it. Heavy triggers are the bane of even a good shot because the tendency is to yank the trigger. Shooting your rifle often enough provides muscle memory for the trigger finger so you know where it breaks. Most hunting triggers are in the 3 to 5 pound range, don’t have creep or slack and are crisp to break.

The shooter most of all needs to know how to breath correctly hold and finish the squeeze of the trigger. I was taught to breath out slowly half way then hold it while finishing the squeeze but the longer the shot is, the more you have to plan the shot to account for wind. And on even further shots you may train to shoot between heart beats.

From a hunting perspective, knowing your limitations when out in the field can help with your shot decisions too and let game walk… to be hunted another day.

Recoil Management; Recoil can create enough pain to pull the is shot and miss or wound game. Shoot with a state of the art recoil pad that reduces recoil at least to 50%

So read up on shooting skills and perform perfect practice. I will too…

Axioms to remember:

Aim Small, Miss Small

One Shot, One Kill but on big game an insurance shot helps if game is still on its feet.

On dangerous game:they say in Africa; It is the dead ones that will kill you!

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New Ruger Precision Rifle – Wow!

The New Ruger Precision Rifle is a bolt action long range shooting machine that is highly configurable with an in-line recoil path and external adjustable trigger from 2.5 to 5 pounds. Now that is a mouthfull.

I would like to test one this spring/summer at 600 yards. I would put my Leupold VX-6 on it and zoom out at 18x. Greg H. from Indiana shot a 5 shot 1.72 inch group from 500 yards with the rifle in 243 Winchester using Hornady A-Max 105 grain heads.

Mike Fifer, CEO of Ruger has issued a challenge to beat his 1600 yard record with the Rifle. This rifle is quite unique in many of its features. Read about the features at the Ruger site below. It can shoot 308 Winchester,243 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor


Screenshot (217) copy


Winter is time to train long distance shots without bullets

I like to think of myself as a great long range shot and I am…mostly. Yes we miss too. It is often the lack of practice or as some say perfect practice that gets us out of the x-ring. Fact is I can stand to go back to school on shooting technique, breathing, slowing my heart rate before the shot. I have found a great article for you and I to read and reread and you don’t have to fire real bullets!


There is enough here for free for you and I too learn. More later…

AR Carbine Barrel Twist Rates affect what bullets you buy

I was at a store the other day and spied good prices for 45 grain FMJ .223 bullets so I checked out the optimal twist rates and bullets for my Colt 1/7 twist rate barrel. Most barrels for the AR type have been sold as 1/9 twist rates thus the range of bullet weights are 45 to 75 grains. The 45 grain heads will work here for 1/9 twist.  My barrel has a 1/7 twist rate and the range of bullet weights are 55 to 85 grains. So the 45 grain heads would have been a poor purchase. My barrel is more in keeping with a dual purpose hunting and tactical weights.

It is best as a deer hunter to hand-load small quantities of these heavier heads/powders to see what works best. I would then chronograph them and determine lethal energy needed on deer at ranges. So I will do that this spring in an article. Proper spin of the bullet includes enough velocity too for gyroscopic stability. JBM Ballistics has a calculator for bullet stability


Web research shows that the Hornady 80 grain A-max is a great stable bullet for my 1/7 twist rate. But use the calculator!!

Good Shooting!

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Taya Kyle to Obama – The United States – All time Low 40% for Murder Rates


The President agreed that murder rates are at an all time low but never brought it up till Taya did. And the President says in essence paraphrasing “today Gun Ownership is at an all time high but it does not necessarily correlate the low murder rate to gun ownership. And (he said) that shell corporations and trusts are buying automatic weapons and silencers and the government does not know where they are going?”

The President is in his spin zone:

First Mr. President, Texas has the highest number of gun owners and the lowest murder rates in the nation. Should tell ya something!

Second, On automatic weapons Mr. President there are federal laws on the books are  against ownership of automatic weapons and silencers unless a Class III Federal License is obtained.  And you are subject to a very thorough Federal background check, fingerprints and local law enforcement signs off on the ownership. Today they are almost impossible to get and you need lots of money besides the threat of federal prison for falsification.

See the monumental steps below.


Third, When have you seen fully automatic weapons used in a crime or a purchased silencer? Where? When? Not in any Media I have seen!!!

Is this a face of a President you trust when he said:

You can Keep your Doctor and Medical Plan?

Al Qaeda is on the Run?

I want to take away AR 15 green FMJ ammo from Americans because it can kill.

But ammo has been here for 60 years and never been used to kill police. Americans want it for self protection.

Climate Change Obama says is the most important threat today. This in light of 9/11, Benghazi, ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Horam, the Paris Attacks, San Bernardino, Russia, Iran Nuc’s, North Korea bombs and now the Philly ISIS inspired Cop Shooter who shot the officer 11 or 12 times with a Police semi auto stolen in a house break-in several years ago.



National Shooting Sports Foundation on Outfitters and Guides by Ed Hale

Everyone I know that hunts, wants to hunt far away places and dreams of an Elk or Caribou Hunt or a Bear Hunt, Deer Hunt, Antelope Hunt or even an African Safari that I wrote a book on. That Said: In light of my recent experience, just don’t take a friends say so as I did. Please do your homework! I want the best for all of my readers!

I found that the NSSF at http://www.nssf.org/hunting/ provides links to Outfitters and Guides. Click on Find an Outfitter and you will be transported to the American Guide and Outfitter Associations. If your prospective outfitter is not on that list then ask why?

Screenshot (214) copy

Below is the screen you go to when you click the Find an Outfitter in the above site. See that there is a Maine Professional Guides Association. Goals of the association include the hunter in providing a quality, ethical outdoor experience.

Screenshot (215) copy

I clicked on the Maine Professional Guides Association. See below. So you too can find a better hunt via these professional associations. If you go to an Outdoor Show ask to see their membership in these organizations and their involvement with them. Outfitters are given awards for the Outdoor Experiences they provide.

Screenshot (216) copy

Good Luck and Good Hunting in 2016.