Taya Kyle to Obama – The United States – All time Low 40% for Murder Rates


The President agreed that murder rates are at an all time low but never brought it up till Taya did. And the President says in essence paraphrasing “today Gun Ownership is at an all time high but it does not necessarily correlate the low murder rate to gun ownership. And (he said) that shell corporations and trusts are buying automatic weapons and silencers and the government does not know where they are going?”

The President is in his spin zone:

First Mr. President, Texas has the highest number of gun owners and the lowest murder rates in the nation. Should tell ya something!

Second, On automatic weapons Mr. President there are federal laws on the books are  against ownership of automatic weapons and silencers unless a Class III Federal License is obtained.  And you are subject to a very thorough Federal background check, fingerprints and local law enforcement signs off on the ownership. Today they are almost impossible to get and you need lots of money besides the threat of federal prison for falsification.

See the monumental steps below.


Third, When have you seen fully automatic weapons used in a crime or a purchased silencer? Where? When? Not in any Media I have seen!!!

Is this a face of a President you trust when he said:

You can Keep your Doctor and Medical Plan?

Al Qaeda is on the Run?

I want to take away AR 15 green FMJ ammo from Americans because it can kill.

But ammo has been here for 60 years and never been used to kill police. Americans want it for self protection.

Climate Change Obama says is the most important threat today. This in light of 9/11, Benghazi, ISIS, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, Boko Horam, the Paris Attacks, San Bernardino, Russia, Iran Nuc’s, North Korea bombs and now the Philly ISIS inspired Cop Shooter who shot the officer 11 or 12 times with a Police semi auto stolen in a house break-in several years ago.



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