Ruger 375 buffs can’t get enough.

375 Ruger-0001The 375 Ruger Cartridge is still growing in popularity. It is one of the most powerful cartridges in North America.  When coupled with state of the art recoil pads like the Pachmayr decelerator or the Simms Vibration Laboratory SVL recoil pad which reduce felt recoil to 50% it is likened to a 30-06 or .270 recoil and very manageable indeed. My M77 Ruger African rifle shoots it so well in such a variety of bullets that it just makes me smile when paper holes overlap like a Venn diagram regularly at 50 yards and are sub-moa at 100 yards. I achieve the greatest satisfaction by handloading them. I have written  lots of articles before in my magazine here for you to search out too. Barnes Triple Shock has several heads in .375. I intend to try some Barnes 235 grain heads and download them for deer. Below is a Barnes video demonstrating the lethal nature of the all copper head.

I bought extra boxes of Speer 235 grain now out of stock but will try the Barnes which are have higher BC-ballistic coefficient.

Also the Sierra 200 grain flat nose will flatten deer size game and is available today as a reduced load bullet traveling no faster than 2200 fps to avoid over mushrooming.

.375 Caliber (.375) 200 gr. FN (50 bullets)

An article of value to 375 Ruger Enthusiasts for Full Power  is;

See my reduced load article: click the header.

375 Ruger Reduced Loads and Powder are Here!


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