Nashua F&G High Power Match – Prone (NRA approved) with my AR-15

This shoot was conducted by NRA guidelines at 300, 500 and 600 yards at Nashua Fish and Game’s 600 yard range.  A 20 dollar entry fee and compliance with the equipment I was using for F Class. Below is a 500 yard target for F Class as an example.



See the Chuck Hawkes article on getting started below.

I tried to register for the new F- AR-15 class but since I was the only shooter, I was placed in F class Open with scope and bi-pod. Attending were approximately 18 shooters give or take, I didn’t count them. . My son Jason was shooting his .308 Winchester in a target model. This was his and my first of many rifle competitions. His schedule works ideal for these weekend shoots and my schedule does not, but I will find the time for more.

Shoot info can be found on the Nashua F&G website under High Power.



At the outset there was concern that my 600 yard 223 cartridge a few days earlier was hitting the target subsonic.


I remedied that with a heavier load and it worked just fine for the 600 yard targets. I was able to use my slower loads at 300 and 500 no problem. The day began with wind in the 10-12 mph class blowing directly at us for the most part. Liuckily at 11:30 AM the wind dropped to near zero to five mph for my turn at 600 yards.  I was able with the AR-15 with 16 inch barrel 1/7 twist to hit 10 ring more than I thought and lots of 9 ring hits, and to a lesser extent some 8, 7,6,5 rings were in the mix of hits as well. I was very lucky to have done so well because the wind was not a large factor today. I shot right beside my son so it was a father son event as it were. You can shoot in this event whether young or older like me. I did not have time to do justice to the many photo ops I missed because I shot instead but we will remedy that in the future. Our score cards were turned in and we will be notified as to the score. Personally the score is unimportant at this point, it was the learning by shooting – that is the real prize.

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Good Shooting! If I have more photo’s that come available I will update this article.

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