Quality, Innovation and American Made – Hornady, Leupold, Nosler, Ruger, Savage, Timney

After having spent 23 years working for AT&T in manufacturing as a Chemist and later a line manager and Quality Engineer, I am encouraged by advances in American Rifle, Bullet and Cartridge Manufacturing and Optical Technology I have tested here at NH Rifleman. There are many other great American companies but here at NH Rifleman we have tested some of them and are proud of their American Manufacture.

Impressive is the word. In particular the ability to redesign from the ground up as evidenced by the Ruger American® Rifle and Savage® Manufacturing like its AccuTrigger®, AccuStock®. and Timney® and Hornady® innovations in cartridges, bullets and reloading. And Leupold Scope innovations in clarity, coatings and ruggedness, Binoculars, Laser Rangefinders, Spotting Scopes and so  much more. Nosler has been the go to company for my hunting bullets for years. Their cases bullets and now rifles are sought the world over.

Please take a moment to see how these American made products had their beginnings. It is a worthwhile read to understand these quintessential American manufacturing roots that began with hunting and shooting folks like you and me.

Hornady Manufacturing in Nebraska

Quote from website: “Ten bullets through one hole” was the philosophy of Joyce Hornady, the company’s founder. This great idea of accuracy and perfection has continued from the first bullet made more than sixty years ago, right through today.”



Leupold and Stevens Manufacture in Oregon

It’s roots began making survey equipment and later more innovative Optics Products.



Nosler Bullets made in the USA

From the website: “In the fall of 1946, a stubborn, mud-caked Canadian moose failed to go down, despite a well placed shot from John Nosler’s 300 H&H. On the way home from that trip, John started thinking about a way to make a bullet that would perform well every time, no matter what the size of the game or the shot angle.” Read more below.



Sturm Ruger Manufacture in New Hampshire

Quote from website: “When Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. opened for business in 1949 with a meager $50,000 investment, the Company faced serious doubts from industry insiders. The “it can’t be done” remarks of the experts reflected the widespread view that the manufacture of guns had likely peaked, and was in a state of decline. There seemed to be few new ideas, and the apparent trend was that the large, established-name gunmakers would continue to dominate the market.” Read more below.



Savage Arms is a Global enterprise and part of Vista Outdoors, Inc. and made in America, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Europe and Asia.

Quote from Website: “The Savage Arms Company was organized in 1894 by Arthur Savage in Utica, New York. A native of Jamaica, Arthur led a romantic life, having been schooled in England and the United States. In his thirties, he explored the interior of Australia and was held captive for a year by Aborigines. Later, he became the owner of the largest cattle ranch in Australia.” Read more below



Timney Triggers Made in USA

Quote from website: “Established in 1946 by Allen Timney, Timney Triggers was founded on the need for easy-to-install, single-stage triggers for shooting enthusiasts sporterizing military rifles in the post-WWII era. Allen built triggers for bolt-action rifles such as Mausers, Springfields and Enfields and Timney quickly became known as the aftermarket trigger company for bolt-action rifles.” Read more below.



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I am an avid hunter with rifle and Bow and have been hunting for more than 50 years. I have taken big game such as whitetail deer, red deer, elk, Moose and African Plains game
such as Kudu, Gemsbok, Springbok, Blesbok, and Impala and wrote an ebook entitled African Safari -Rifle and Bow and Arrow on how to prepare for a first safari. Ed is a serious cartridge reloader and ballistics student. He has earned two degrees in science and has written hundreds of outdoor article on hunting with both bow and rifle.