New 6.5 Creedmoor Bullet designs Edging Out .270 Winchester Performance?

Need a long range bullet that operates at all ranges? Both Nosler’s 142g Long Range AccuBond™ and Hornady’s Precision Hunter™ 143g ELD-X™ in 6.5 Creedmoor have come up with bullet Long Range designs that edge out the .270 Winchester bullets even though the .270 spitzer bullet is a bit faster at the muzzle. No we aren’t talking leaps here just that the 6.5 is better at delivered energy, bullet drop and wind deflection and yes sectional density, the key to penetration. For a given diameter science has added 10 grains to the oft touted .270 in 130 grain bullet for better sectional density at 140 grains. Does it matter much? Not hugely but it is a numbers game and it is about bullet construction and usefulness whether near or far and call it “all range hunting”. The ELD-X is said to hold its weight at close range by some folks and it is an interlock design. See the excellent article below from American 

I am a big believer in the accuracy of the Hornady ELD-Xpanding however the Nosler AccuBond LR is bonded meaning the lead and copper are welded not just interlocked. I am a believer in Bonded bullets for game or all gilding copper as my Moose and Buffalo and deer attest, Particularly the Nosler AccuBond. Where this may matter is that Nosler’s LR AccuBond in close quarters, say 100 yards or less will perhaps hold on to more lead than the Hornady leaving less lead in your game at shorter ranges. Long range penetration by both bullets is controlled leaving most all of the bullets intact. Below is a You-Tube from a hunter that discusses penetration and how the AccuBond really holds tenaciously onto the lead.

It is like splitting hairs for some folks! Both Bullets are the very best in Long Range choices! For shorter ranges inside 100 yards, I am a Nosler AccuBond fan and I like the new gilding copper. See next article on Copper Bullets.

Get ready to hunt! Good Shooting!



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