Coywolf got your Venison? Updated with Fox Pro Inferno Electronic Calls

Back several years ago I wrote that Coyotes are evolving into Coywolf’s as evidenced by DNA research. In this evolution which some say began in the early 1900’s, the wolf began mating with coyotes as their territory overlapped in the Great Lakes and today the Coyote hybrid is found across the Northeast US. Toronto has packs of them in the downtown. It is not the small 20 to 30 pound animal any longer. A male can weight up to nearly 60 pounds. During the late fall you can see Coywolf tracks intermixed with deer tracks. My friend and I were stalked in Vermont by an almost black large Coywolf until it saw us and turned tail. We were scouting without our rifles. After that we carried our guns. These animals roam through our town in southern NH at night, my friend has them recorded on his new Ring doorbell. Better yet go hunt for them. See NHFG requirements. They are very smart and learn fast. Check my search engine for Coyote articles as there are several articles with tips and calls etc.

I will be hunting them…Carry a pistol too.  I have not had the success I expected with a cheap electronic caller, it wasn’t loud enough, had few vocalizations and the remote worked to near 100 yards but needed Line of Sight,

So being near Christmas, A friend and I went to Cabela’s and researched some electronic calls. Cabela’s had the Lions share of FoxPro Electronic Calls and accessoried.  I wanted the sounds to be realistic, lots of switchable vocalizations such as those of distressed prey animals and Coyote vocalizations. I found that for $199, I could get the Fox Pro Inferno and perhaps get value for  my dollar. This was the mid range price point. See image below.

FOXPRO Inferno Digital Game Call

I had it out in the woods last night and boy was it loud! The remote worked fabulous and had a orange back lit screen. It was about 15ºF at dusk but no coyotes came in. Just the same I was impressed as was a friend who tagged along. We will keep you informed as winter progresses and our hunts continue.


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