TC Pro Hunter- Excellent Trigger Job by 1GUNSHOP.COM by Ed Hale

Formerly now  who deals now in a wide array of technical gunsmithing, firearms, archery and so much more outdoor gear. A veritable Trading Post On-Line.  The lowest prices anywhere says Kurt Bellm the owner.  Now to the Trigger Job.

As I said in an earlier article, I was having difficulty installing the new lighter Trigger Spring so I sent the core frame (without barrel and stock) to Kurt Bellm in Colorado, owner of Note: The frame is serialized and must be sent via FFL.

Not only did he set the new Trigger spring but added a better custom firing pin and drilled the trigger guard, installing a trigger over-travel screw.  I asked that set the trigger spring at between 3 lb  and 3.5 lbs. My tests show it now at a perfect 3lbs. 5 oz.  I went to the range today to see how the trigger, firing pin and trigger over-travel screw worked and was elated at the crisp trigger, The dimple of the firing pin on the primer was perfect. Oh and for a few dollars more he recommended the 1x Over size Hinge Pin which is 0.0005 more than the current stock pin and will increase accuracy.

Honestly, If I could have installed the new spring, there was no assurance to hit my set goal either, it would have been approximate. It may have even been in the 2. 5 lb. category for all I know and too sensitive for hunting. So sending it back was a more a blessing in disguise. I called him on the phone more than a few times and he was very helpful.

Further that he works on so many T/C’s that he has not only more knowledge on T/C frames than anyone outside of the company but customizes indestructible firing pins, and creates a trigger over travel stop screw besides having the best of all the T/C springs and created the Over Size Hinge Pin to tighten the often looser hinge action. Loose side to side movement is eliminated with the new pin and accordingly improves accuracy from shot to shot.

Thanks so much Kurt!  If you need some TLC on your T/C see 1GUNSHOP for the solution and check out the Website and all that they offer.

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