Muzzleloader Season for Whitetails : T/C Encore Pro Hunter Rifle with Muzzleloader barrel


Here in New Hampshire Muzzleloader season is almost upon us and it is tough to just get to see deer in my sights. I want the gun to go boom on the first shot! The T/C Encore does that with a flair. I wrote a series of articles on this rifle last year. see below. Check it out! Enjoy!

My  T/C Encore Pro Hunter Rifle can swap to a Muzzleloader barrel. And last year I used a 30-06 barrel on a Russian Boar hunt. Read it below.

I swapped back to the muzzleloader barrel for the coming whitetail hunt here in New Hampshire beginning October 28.

Use your favorite bullet. See history of articles below on this TC Encore.

Good Hunting!

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TC Venture in 6.5 Creedmoor – Out of the Box at 100 yards

First three shots from this brand spanking new TC Venture right out of the box, for a 3 shot group below using Hornady Precision Hunter ELD-X in 6.5 Creedmoor measure 7/16 inch at 100 yds. Wow! And I know that I can do better for grouping  all from a gun that is advertised as MOA accurate. This is Sub-MOA Accurate. Wow! What is Weathershield™? See video below that says “way better than stainless steel” !!!

Spec’s from T/C website:

My first target at 100 yards with a 4.2 lb trigger that can be adjusted 3.5 to 5 lbs.

My bench setup below with very crisp and clear Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x36mm. Nice!!

This rifle has a synthetic clip that holds 3 shots and can be easily removed from the rifle in a snow or wet rain filled cold day where your body shivers. I would order a spare clip and have on hand. The bolt opens and closed a bit more snug than some bolts, but many will find that an advantage. I like the weaver bases already mounted.

The safety is a two position on/off lever at the top rear of the bolt.

Overall I give this rifle an A+ “out of the box” for price and quality for a USA product.

It has posts for a sling and is easy to carry. With a MSRP of $578 how can you go wrong.

More soon…

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Thirteen Original Colonies – French and Indian Warfare Tactics gave birth to the wide use of the Pennsylvania Rifle for a new kind of warfare.

In my research on the Pennsylvania/Kentucky Rifle, (America’s first Sniper Rifle) I learned that Continental Congress leaders learned warfare tactics by Native Indians et. al. during the French and Indian war of 1756 also known in Europe as the Seven Years War.



“Riflemen played an important role in the French and Indian War and the American Revolution, wars characterized by irregular combat in woodland battlefields. By the eve of the latter conflict, several patriot leaders believed that American woodsmen armed with Pennsylvania Rifles could easily defeat stodgy, musket-wielding redcoats. In 1775 George Washington recruited rifle companies as the core of his new Continental Army. The Pennsylvania Rifle Regiment and units from southern colonies answered the call.”

The British had the 13 colonies and wanted expand north and west. The French had Canadian land in Quebec and wanted to expand south and west. It was the native Indians of different tribes that aided both sides in battle.

It was George Washington who learned battle tactics during this time frame.

And in New Hampshire, General John Stark learned his new colonial battle tactics under the New Hampshire Provincial Regiment led by Colonel Nathaniel Meserve under British leadership in the French and Indian War as well.

Accordingly, the British won the French and Indian war and concluded with the Treaty of Paris but because Britain’s Secretary of State William Pitt who managed the money, borrowed heavily to win. Accordingly the British taxed the colonist’s too heavily for it and resulted in rebellion. Thus making British leadership and its military unwelcome in the colonies and itching for a Revolution to kick the British and its King George driven monarchy out.

Meanwhile, the German trained, Pennsylvania gunsmiths such as Jacob Dickert, were busy making the Pennsylvania Rifle many know as the Kentucky Rifle (to settle Kentucky) with grooves (called rifling) in the barrel to spin the bullet. Thus making that rifle a superb long range rifle, out to 300 yards, in the hands of a marksman, hunter or soldier. General Washington created Rifle Regiments…and Brigadier General Daniel Morgan

A master of the Pennsylvania Rifle and one the most brilliant battlefield tacticians of the Revolution and trusted by General Washington.

And today we get to honor those men and reenact with that Rifle and Hunt with it.



What’s new in Hunting Knife/Saw – The SwingBlade-Pak

SwingBlaze-Pak & SwingBlade-Pak

It ain’t cheap but a great investment at $99 bucks. The blade that has the rounded end is for gutting as in a gut hook and for caping. The blade and saw is a Japanese AUS-8 steel and the blade is 3.6 inch shaving sharp for gutting and caping. Comes with orange handles too for easy visibility. I saw it at Bass Pro too. Love the quality leather sheath. The video below sells the caping/gut hook tool easily and is field tested.

If you are looking for a new and innovative product for field dressing this may be it.

The other China made product is the Kodi-pak.

Product Details

Check it out!


Hand-Loaded Nosler AccuBond LR 142 grain in Ruger American Predator in 6.5 Creedmoor

The G1 ballistic coefficient for this bullet is .719. The fact that it exceeds 0.7 is world class long range capable of delivering game killing energy at over 600 yards for the 6.5 Creedmoor.

Tech Talk – It has been said that the bullet has a secant o-give and needs more room away from the lands when chambered than your normal bullet but having said that, it does not take from accuracy on bullet jump.

A few days ago, I loaded up some Nosler AccuBond LR’s in 142 grain with IMR 4350 and W760 Powder specified by Nosler in my almost new Ruger American. I used 41.5 grains IMR 4350 and 40.5 grains of W760 powder, max loads. I selected the powder because they were among the fastest at the muzzle and geared for delivering lots of energy at longer ranges.

The cases were Nosler Custom and the primers were CCI BR2’s. Cartridge overall length followed the Nosler Manual of 2.805 and they fit the Ruger magazine perfectly and fed perfectly.

First IMR 4350 cold shot with the Ruger American was 1 inch higher than subsequent  4 shots. Accordingly, I eliminated the cold barrel shot from the group. If I included it the spread was 1 1/8 inch and if I eliminated it the spread was 7/8 inch.

Estimated velocity out of the 22 inch barrel was around 2670 fps after subtracting 60 fps and the 2 more inches in the Nosler manual using a 24 inch barrel compared to the 22 inches of the Ruger.

The W760 Powder shot 1 3/16  five shot group with an estimated velocity of 2610 fps accounting for the shorter 22 inch barrel.

Examination of the primers looked normal and extraction was easy. These loads were terrific.

The results indicate that this grouping for IMR 4350 is terrific for shots in a 6 inch circle at 600 yards. Further that the energy for deer suggests 650 yards where 1000 ft-lbs was calculated and the velocity was 1802 fps. Windage at 90º moved the bullet 28 inches at 10 mph crosswind. That is a lot! Quartering crosswind of 14 inches. The shooter would have to adjust for the crosswind or get closer to the game, a much better scenario.   At half that distance 325 yds the shooter would only be off by 6 inches in a 90º wind and have elk killing energy of 1500 ft-lbs.

Below is the Ruger American Predator. A great affordable rifle for anyone!

The Scope was a Leupold VX-3. See them at


In a perfect world, early morning and just before dark usually offer little wind for those longer shots.

Killing game cleanly is the name of the game!

Good Hunting!

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Sportsmen Never Knew there was a “Bump Stock”… What to do?

I have been shooting, hunting and writing for decades. I have been to several club ranges and never came upon someone shooting full auto like fire with this bump stock device. Never heard of it till the Las Vegas Massacre. Accordingly, I believe there are few of these stocks out there. It was created, I understand, for the “disabled” to be able to shoot. Sounds a bit crazy to me!

The NRA is correct to advance the review of its regulation as do most citizens.

All add-on devices should be on the table to review.

I do believe that the Bump Stock should have come to higher attention by ATF to Congress during the Obama Administration.

NH Rifleman Magazine believes that this device and any attached device that could suggest full automatic fire be scrutinized and/or regulated.


New Hampshire Fish and Game Clubs Tighten Member Requirements

Most all New Hampshire Hunting and Fishing and Shooting Clubs require NRA membership and indicate that they are in good standing as a Citizen but my Club, Chester Rod And Gun in Chester, NH has taken it further to require documentation of proof.

I am pleased with this new requirement as of September 1, 2017. It gives “peace of mind” that members are documented in good standing by a state or federal document or license. It is likely that other Outdoor Sporting clubs have now or going to have similar requirements of evidence of citizen standing and not legally prohibited from owning firearms.

NEW REQUIREMENT:  Effective September 1, 2017, all members of the club must show in person satisfactory documentary evidence that they are not legally prohibited from owning firearms by December 31, 2018.  This documentation is viewed, but not retained, by a staff member.  The acceptable forms of documentation are:

The acceptable forms of documentation are:

(1) a current, unexpired State or Federally issued firearms license,
(2) a NFA Tax Stamp,
(3) a NH armed security guard license,
(4) an active law enforcement ID,
(5) a current Active Duty, National Guard, or US Reserve Military ID card,
(6) a State Police background check from the applicant’s State of residence,
(7) a signed and notarized affidavit certifying that the applicant is not prohibited from owning or using firearms (this document will be retained)

Please share with your outdoor shooting community!

Good Shooting!